Scrotal Recall (Lovesick) Season 2: Release Date and What to Expect

Fans of Channel 4 might remember season one of ‘Scrotal Recall’, not only for the clever title but its undeniably charming British sitcom humor. Fans will be pleased with its return even if its name has been changed to Lovesick. The first season only had six quite short episodes, which is going to be increased to 8 episodes to the delight of fans.

Johhny Flynn plays Dylan, who is on a quest to contact all his previous sexual partners’ thanks to unfortunately contracting a little bit of Chlamydia. Each episode is based off a different girl he has to contact and ends up leading to some unexpected situations. The show involves a significant amount of flashbacks back to various times in Dylan’s life, this makes the show easier to follow and understand and see from a different perspective instead of him just tracking down some people we’ve never seen before.

The second season will be in keeping with the first and will first be airing on Channel 4 UK, but will it be on Netflix?

Simply, Yes, yes it will. The first season was such a success on Netflix that it was booked for a second season without Channel 4 at all! The release date will be on November 17 at midnight, so get your comfy binge watching spot ready!

In the meantime, Netflix is releasing more comedy sitcoms in the near future including the second season of Fuller House in December and the next season of The Ranch in April 2017.

Did you binge watch the first season? Excited for the second?

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