Should Netflix’s Talk Show ‘Chelsea’ Be Cancelled?

Should Chelsea be cancelled?

Chelsea has now been on our screens for a few months and while it certainly hasn’t set the world on fire, it does plug a hole that was arguably not there in the first place. She broadcasts her show 3 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and covers everything from world affairs, celebrity interviews, and other skits.

The talk show has divided us here at What’s on Netflix so we’ve pitted a for and against the talk show argument below putting forward a case as to whether or not Netflix should can Chelsea.

Chelsea Should Be Cancelled

Argument by Kasey

I was fully optimistic about the prospect of a talk show on Netflix but after a few weeks of struggling to find Chelsea within Netflix, I’ve just come to the conclusion that the format simply doesn’t work on a streaming service, at least in the way that Netflix is set up currently. At the moment you have boxsets and movies being recommended to you mostly in their full finished form and is just simply not set out to how Hulu is where new episodes are added regularly.

Let’s also talk about the minute impact Chelsea actually has had in the world. With other talk shows, their big impact are all assessed by their social media output. In the cases of Jimmy Fallon and James Corden, they’re internet sensations with posts online racking up millions upon millions of hits. The same definitely can’t be said for Chelsea’s show, in fact, I can’t recall a single time I’ve seen here organically through my news feeds.

Lastly, I just don’t think it’s the direction Netflix wants to be heading in because it’ll simply fall into the trap of doing everything that network stations do and that’s the whole reason Netflix was created in the first place.

Let’s Give It A Chance

Argument by Cheryl

This has possibilities. Yes, some of the stuff she has done really isn’t working. (Come ON with the whiteboard and the two staffers. Stop doing that, Chelsea!) But this is an experiment. I love the different styles of interviews she’s using, like the Marvel dinner party. That’s fun. There’s a dog running around, for Pete’s sake! But she’s also getting some diverse views and guests, and I see even more potential for that in the future. I’d like to see her squaring up with some guests with vastly different political views.

But let’s break apart from the actual show. Although I am a fan, it’s the format itself I’m excited about. I’m rooting for the model. Something fresh on a regular basis from Netflix. And that could be a win for them. We’ve become accustomed to binging and forgetting. I can get through a season in about a day. ( *insert haughty sniff here* Don’t try this at home, kids! I’m a professional!) Once that season is done, it’s a year or even more until a viewer is drawn back. This could get fresh eyeballs to their site and on a more regular basis. They do need to step up the promo. Don’t let people forget about your show, Netflix.

It’s the exact opposite of a network station trap. They can do what they want! I would tune in for more talk show episodes. Heck, I’d like to see a ‘Late Show.’ The convenience of watching whenever my bedtime is without the network restrictions? I’m in!

Now it’s over to you. Do you think Chelsea has a home on Netflix or is it simply not where Netflix should be heading? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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