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Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi is Coming to Netflix

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi will be the second and final Star Wars movie coming to Netflix in 2018. Thanks to the Disney deal, Netflix has been getting the latest Star Wars movies since 2016 but as we’ll talk about later, Disney is pulling the plug meaning Episode 8 will be the last to join Netflix. 

The next Star Wars movie, due out in mid-December, is set to be the darkest entry in the movie franchise to date. Rey ended episode 7 by finding Luke Skywalker who had exiled himself thanks to Hans son turning to the dark side. Episode 8 could potentially bring the end to Jedi’s as we know them. Expect some epic battle sequences and also the addition of the viral sensation of the brand new little creature.

Since 2015, Disney has been pumping out a new Star Wars movie every year. It started by kickstarting the brand new trilogy. Since then we’ve had the first ‘Star Wars Story’ movie released in December 2016.

Netflix US Release Date

New Disney movies come to Netflix US around eight months after their theatrical debut. Rogue One came to Netflix in July 2017 and Episode 8 will follow the exact same release pattern. That means Star Wars Episode 8 comes to Netflix US in July 2018.

Star Wars Will Be Leaving Netflix

Don’t panic. You’ll have plenty of time to watch Episode 8 on Netflix but you should be warned that both Rogue One and Star Wars Episode 9 will be leaving Netflix in 2019. The move comes after Disney chose not to renew the contract it has with Netflix and instead create its own streaming platform. These movies will likely move over to that new platform.

Other Netflix Regions Getting Star Wars Episode 8

Netflix Canada has been getting brand new theatrical Disney titles long before Netflix US did and we suspect that’ll continue for Episode 8. Netflix CA usually gets the release around the same time as the US so you can once again expect a summer release.
Netflix Australia did pick up Rogue One in September 2017 so it may be the case that they get Episode 8 added in September 2018 but there’s no official word on that.

Great news for Star Wars fans with a Netflix subscription. Will you be waiting for it to join the streaming service or head to the cinema this December? Let us know!

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