‘Survival of the Thickest’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status, Performance & What We Know So Far

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survival of the thickest season 2 netflix renewal status

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Netflix’s third major television series to come from A24 Television landed on the service in July 2023. Will Survival of the Thickest return for a second outing in the form of a season 2? Here’s what we know so far. 

Created and starring Michelle Buteau, Survival of the Thickest is about the exploits of Mavis Beaumont, a newly single woman who must rebuild her life.

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All eight episodes dropped on July 13th, and the show was notably not labeled a limited series, with it ending with a potential for more down the road.

It’s one of several projects Netflix has now teamed up with industry darling A24 on with others, including Beef, The Deepest Breath, White Noise, and Mo.

The series was released to mostly positive review scores, with it carrying a 7.6/10 on IMDb and an 86% critic’s score on RottenTomatoes.

Has Netflix Renewed Survival of the Thickest for season 2?

Official Renewal Status: Not yet renewed
Our Renewal Prediction: Too early to call

At the time of publishing, Survival of the Thickest has yet to be renewed for a season 2 at Netflix.

We’ll take a look at the viewing stats for Survival of the Thickest in a minute, but we should mention one title before diving into those. As we’ve covered before, Netflix uses many metrics to decide whether to renew a show or not.

We’d also be remiss not to mention that since May 1st, Hollywood’s writers have been on strike, which is likely playing a role in renewal decisions too.

Mo, the first major TV project to come from A24 Television, received a second and final season order from Netflix despite not actually performing well for the streamer. It failed to hit the global top 10s, but it did manage to pick up a few nods at various award organizations. Beef, Netflix’s multi-Emmy nominated series, has yet to receive a second season renewal.

Whether Survival of the Thickest performs well at awards (like Mo and Beef both did) and the fact that Netflix clearly wants to keep its relationship with A24 Television sweet could play a role here.

How well is Survival of the Thickest performing on Netflix?

Using various sources, we can look at how well Survival of the Thickest performs on Netflix. Naturally, this section will expand in the weeks and months to come, so we’ll keep updating as new data comes in.

We’re still waiting for TelevisionStats.com to include the show in its database, but it’s worth noting that the trailer (which can indicate success on the platform) only managed 356k views.

Netflix Global Top 10s

Let’s begin with the horse’s mouth itself. Netflix.

Every Tuesday afternoon/evening, they publish a weekly top 40 list detailing hours watched globally plus their respective completed views.

Survival of the Thickest featured in the first week of its availability being the number 4 ranked show with 13.30 million hours, equating to around 3.7 million completed views.

How well does its CVE (completed viewing equivalent) compare to other new series launches in 2023 so far? Around the lower end of the middle, tracking below the likes of Beef and Florida Man but just above Unstable and Glamorous.

survival of the thickest vs other netflix original series debuts

Survival of the Thickest vs other Netflix Original releases in 2023

FlixPatrol Data for Survival of the Thickest

That’s the global data but what about the top 10s more granularly? FlixPatrol (who tracks 89 countries) can help us see where the show is performing best.

The show peaked at being the sixth most popular show on Netflix globally on July 17th, picking up 385 points. Best performing countries include Eastern Europe, Australia, Ireland, and Spain.

Their data often indicates that you need to have around 30-days in the majority of countries they track to warrant a season 2 renewal.

flixpatrol data for survival of the thickest

Picture: FlixPatrol

PlumResearch and Nielsen Viewing Stats for Survival of the Thickest

The show notably missed showing up in the PlumResearch top 10 for the week of July 10th through July 16th. It was mostly beaten out by Suits, King the Land, Quarterback, The Lincoln Lawyer, and movies like Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and 65.

Nielsen releases its data on shows roughly a month after they’ve collected them. We’re expecting to start collecting data in mid-August 2023.

Would you like to see Survival of the Thickest return for a season 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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