Titans Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

“F*** Batman,” whoever would have thought those words came out of the mouth of Dick Grayson? After a great first season, we can’t wait to see what Titans has in store for the future! But are we going to see the second season of Titans? Let’s find out.

Titans is an American superhero tv-show based on the characters of DC Comics. Further based on the characters of the Teen Titans comic, the superhero team has become one of the most popular since its inception. Taking a grittier, bolder and bloodier approach than most superhero shows are comfortable with, Titans stands tall amongst the growing hoard of superhero titles on TV.

Teenager Rachel Roth runs away from home after the murder of her mother. Running away to Detroit Rachel finds Detective Dick Grayson and realizes he is the boy from her dreams. Thinking he is the only person that can help the inner darkness within her she asks for his help. Begrudgingly, Dick agrees and promises to protect her from the forces hunting her and to protect her from herself. Along the way, the duo is joined by the beautiful Starfire and loveable Beast Boy.

Titans Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated 01/15/2019)

The series has already become massively popular on both the DC Universe streaming service and Netflix. Originally the first season was meant to air with 12 episodes but what was the first season finale has moved to become the premiere of season 2.

The production of Titans is entirely down to DC and is not a co-production with Netflix. Therefore renewal of the show is entirely down to DC and Warner Brothers.

What to expect from Titans Season 2?


Well, the first episode of the next season has actually already been filmed as it was meant to be the finale of Season one. With Trigon now free one of his first actions was to save Beast Boy and push Robin to the darkness. Setting a scenario within Robin’s head he manipulated events that would inevitably lead to Robin giving into his Dark Side. Trigon now has a very powerful minion in Robin and it will surely come down to Raven to save him.

Star Fire and Wonder Girl didn’t follow Robin into the house so they are not under the control of Trigon. The probability is very high that of least one of the two may end up under the control of Trigon. The wild card in this scenario could be the man seen at the end credits of the first season. With the mysterious individual having a Superman symbol tattooed on his body, it is clear that the individual is Superboy.


What has the online reaction been to Titans?

Safe to say it has already impressed subscribers on Netflix!

You can’t please everyone though…

Titans Season 2 Release Date

Filming of the first season began all the way back in November 2017 and concluded in June 2018. After post-production and marketing, the first season premiere didn’t air until October 12th. Each episode was then released weekly until the 21st of December, eventually, the first season aired on Netflix on the 11th of December.

If we take the above into consideration, it may be a long while before we see the second season of Titans on Netflix.  The second season will air in the US prior to it arriving on Netflix so that will add another 12 to 13 weeks depending on the number of episodes. IMDb has listed the first episode to air in 2019, therefore, we are speculating that the second season will arrive on Netflix in the Spring of 2020.

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