Is Two and a Half Men streaming on Netflix?

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Two and a Half Men has been through the rounds when it comes to controversy over the past few years whether that’s from the change up in cast and of course, Charlie Sheen’s massive and public breakdown. It’s still a massively popular show and while Ashton Kutcher wasn’t able to fill the boots left and the show inevitably being cancelled in 2015, it still is among the top picks of titles that people want to see on Netflix.

The CBS show begun its life as a simple sitcom but grew to be one of the biggest in the business with thanks to Chuck Lorre who’s the guy behind the show along with many others. The premise is simple, one man’s life is turned upside down after his brother and his nephew moves into his beach-house. Charlie Sheen was on the show for the majority of its airing but was replaced by Ashton Kutcher after Charlie Sheen publicly fell apart. The show went downhill from there.

CBS and Netflix’s relationship is a strange one as some of their titles are on Netflix while others are missing. For example, CBS’s Criminal Minds, NCIS and Person of Interest all get regular updates on Netflix but shows like The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly and Supergirl are all vacant from the library. Sadly, Two and a Half Men are part of CBS’s lineup that is sadly vacant from Netflix, at least in the US.

The outlook of the show coming to Netflix also looks bleak too. CBS’s owner, Time Warner, has stated their intentions of keeping their shows away from Netflix in favour of their own streaming service, CBS All Access. It makes sense and unless Netflix has the money needed to buy exclusivity of the program away from the likes of CBS All Access or Hulu we won’t be seeing it added.

That’s not to say you aren’t able to stream it in any Netflix region as Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and Brazil are all streaming the show with Brazil streaming the most seasons of the lot.

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