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New week, new titles! Though it was quiet this week in terms of quantity, there were some good additions to make up for it. Have you been watching Chelsea? I mention it when I think she has had a good guest or two. I’m a fan of her Jason Biggs segments and the dinner parties. (I’m curious, do you think she’s hitting her stride or is the show going to tank? Let me know in the comments.) Some great stand-up hit this week as well as some choices for the kiddies. Let’s jump in with a highly anticipated title:

The Get Down: Part 1

I’m going to do something I’ve never done before in these articles: recommend something I’m not quite behind. I have yet to screen the entire series (the premier episode alone clocks in at over 90 minutes), but what I have seen is a little muddy. I would say unbingable. (Netflix has only released the first 6 episodes, splitting a series for the first time ever.) That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a show I believe is better absorbed at a slower pace. Billed as a love letter to hip-hop, I’d say it’s more of a disco West Side Story. Set in 1970s Bronx, it’s about the difficulties of the era and the evolution of a neighborhood and its inhabitants. It could definitely use some editing and the story moves from grounded pieces of narrative to fantasy sequences to song all in the same breath. There are plenty of things to like about The Get Down, however. The attention to detail, costumes particularly. The team behind “The Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge” are at work together again here and do not disappoint. The actors involved (Hey! It’s Gus Fring!) are all top notch. Most obviously, the music is fantastic. Grandmaster Flash and Nas were both tapped to give the production authenticity. Hey, they said House of Cards could never work. Here’s hoping The Get Down finds its way. Watch it…at a leisurely pace.



Real Husbands of Hollywood Season 4

Recently renewed for a 5th season (BET), this reality television parody follows creator Kevin Hart and his Hollywood buddies through their surreal day-to-day lives in Tinseltown. Chock full of celebrity guest spots and funny turns from his friends including Robin Thicke, Mr. Mariah Care Nick Cannon, and J.B. Smoove, it follows Kevin Hart’s attempts to climb the celebrity ladder. It’s ridiculous and hilarious. Move over, Real Housewives. The Mitches are back.


Ask The Storybots

You may know Jib-Jab from those personalized greeting cards that used to clog your Facebook feed, but over the last few years they have begun an interactive learning brand for children called Storybots. Through apps, e-books, and online videos their goal is education through high-quality and entertaining media. Ask The Storybots is a mixture of cartoon and live-action with ‘human’ guest stars. Jay Leno is quite fun as a “night.” Get it? “Knight?” “Night?” The questions are asked by real kids and are things we have all probably wondered at some point. (Where DOES the rain come from?) The characters are fun and I have to say I got quite a kick from the looks on their faces when they are stumped by a question. (See? I really do watch these. Even the kiddie stuff.) It’s simple, it’s lively, and most importantly, you won’t be pulling your hair out when the kiddo watches it for the 20th time. It will be a fun break in your weekend and a great way to unwind with the youngsters.


Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed

Do you like food? Do you consider cake and bacon to be your friends? Is deadpan donut humor your thing? Then this guy is for you. I kid, but notoriously clean comedian Jim Gaffigan has a certain way of taking every day life and seeing the absurd that is totally relatable. From cookies to weddings to Whole Foods, he is right on. Not for nothing, but Obsessed won Best Comedy Album in 2015. Bonus: if you like comedy but aren’t crazy about the blue language and situations that are often addressed, rest assured you could safely watch this with the family. He is the genial everyman you’d be happy to sit next to at that wretched wedding.


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What’s the best thing you’ve seen added to streaming this week? Let me know in the comments! Have a great weekend and happy streaming!


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