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New week, new titles. Happy holidays! T’is the season to have your life choices mocked and your relatives overstay their welcome. You’ve unwrapped the presents, you’ve eaten enough ham for a small army, and  you’ve answered the same questions for the millionth time. I know you need to escape. Hide away and binge. You need it for your sanity. If you get caught just say you were picking out something for everyone to watch together. Bonding and all that. Netflix has some really great titles to tuck in your stocking and make you forget your troubles.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

If this doesn’t make you feel better about your day, I don’t know what will. Explosions and grown-up toys built to defeat the baddest of baddies. Yes, there’s a plot, but does any of that really matter? It’s super fun, things blow up, and people are flying. The new Netflix deal with Disney really is the best gift of all.

Miss Stevens

Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) is a brittle high school English teacher having trouble pulling it together. One weekend she chaperones a trip to a drama competition. A very simple premise, it’s a quiet, character driven film that looks at the relationships of teachers and students and how often we don’t even know the person we spend large amounts of time with.

Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry Netflix Original

Netflix is still knocking it out of the park with original comedy. This latest special is the return of Fluffy. Filmed in Chicago, Iglesias is as winning as ever. With stories about Portillo’s, his family, and touching back to the mischievousness of his ever present friends, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments to be had here. As far as comedians go, he leans to the side of family friendly. A nice option to have with all those relatives around. You are going to want a Cake Shake, though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Sense8 Christmas Special Netflix Original

Netflix knows you have been pining for more Sense8, and they delivered quite the holiday treat. We get to see what happens with characters and a set up for season 2. Catch up with your favorites and take solace. Season 2 is only a few months away!


Glengarry Glen Ross

This you must watch just because. Adapted by David Mamet from his 1984 Pulitzer Prize-winning and Tony-winning play of the same name, it’s two days in the lives of four desperate salesmen and what happens when a trainer is sent to ‘motivate’ them by announcing that, in one week, all except the top two salesmen will be fired. Top notch actors and infinitely quotable, put this one at the top of the list.

Trollhunters Season 1, Part 1 Netflix Original

Take the long weekend and snuggle in with the kiddos for Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters. About a teenager who finds a secret civilization of mighty trolls beneath the small town of Arcadia, this is fitting for young and old alike. Notable for his striking visual style and wild imagination, fans of his films will find a lot to like here as well. The animation is astounding.


Happy holidays and happy streaming!

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