Weekly Highlights Netflix US June 17th

New week, new titles. Lots of binge-worthy material was added this week. Sun is overrated. Stay safe indoors with a series this weekend! You have a lot of watching to do so let’s dive right in with what you’ve all been waiting for:

Orange Is The New Black Season 4

The ladies of Litchfield are back. After falling a little off track in season 3, the show is better than ever in season 4. It’s darker and definitely topical. We get some answers we definitely needed and a couple of real shockers. Get to watching!


The League Season 7

Need a break from the drama of Orange Is The New Black? Take in an episode of The League for some comedy relief. The endless trash talk, zingers, ridiculous bets (and the outrageous consequences), and shenanigans will cleanse your palate. Say it with me: Shivakaminisomakandarkram!


Scandal Season 5

Have you finished Orange Is The New Black yet? Move on with this political thriller. Have a sticky problem that needs cleaning up? Olivia Pope and company are your first line of defense. They are experts at making problems disappear…they just aren’t quite as adept at doing that with their own lives.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 3

Now it’s time for a little adventure. Phil Coulson is the head of SHIELD, an elite agency tasked with investigating extraordinary occurrences in a world that includes superheroes. Together with his team of remarkable agents they protect the world from the bad guys.


All Hail King Julien

Your kids have been patient with you. Time to let them get a show in. This fun animated show stars is a prequel to Madagascar starring a party loving lemur. When his uncle leaves him the kingdom, wackiness ensues!


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