Weekly Highlights Netflix US September 2nd

New week, new titles. And a favorite week because it’s the first of the month. You have a lot of watching to do this weekend. You HAVE to watch Jaws because it’s a perfect farewell to summer and Top Gun just because it’s the right thing to do. (Volleyball, anyone?) And Practical Magic is required viewing because the evenings are getting a little cooler and September is the time to get out the pumpkins. We’re getting in the autumn mood!  Get in the cuddly mindset and settle in to binge. And don’t forget about Chelsea. She has a great interview with David Cross (Sept 2) this week. Here are a few more “must adds” for your weekend list:

Narcos Season 2

Get ready for a dark season. We all know what’s going to happen to Pablo, but the high-stakes, complicated journey that brings us to that final end will have you on the edge of your seat. The series is gripping, from beginning to end.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue Is The Warmest Color is a very raw coming of age story. The colors, the acting, everything is beautiful. It’s about social acceptance, sexuality, and the emotional spectrum of maturing relationships.

Chef’s Table: France

Up until now, Chef’s Table has made a point of seeking diverse chefs from every corner of the globe. With this round, we stay in France. But the result is just as captivating. The photography is at the same time stark and lush, with the focus on the food displaying the most magnificent colors. It is a sumptuous second course.


High-Rise is mesmerizing. You’re all at once filled with dread and envy, watching this dystopian experiment that surely will not end well. It is slick. It is chaotic. It is darkly funny. And all the while watching, I get the terrible feeling the villain is the building itself. Bubbling with societies’ class warfare in its very walls. Ick.

What’s the best thing you have seen added to the Netflix catalog this week? Let me know in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Happy streaming!

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