What time will Dead to Me Season 1 be on Netflix?

With a great kickstart to May, Friday is already set to be jam-packed full of Originals to be binged this weekend. Dead to Me is one such show we can’t wait to arrive! But make sure you know what time Dead to Me is available to stream on Netflix in your region.

Dead to Me is a Netflix Original dark-comedy series created by Liz Feldman and stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. The dark-comedy has two massive stars attached as the executive producers with Will Ferell (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) and director Adam McKay (Step Brothers, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy). Creator of Dead to Me Liz Feldman is an award-winning writer for her work on 2 Broke Girls and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After the sad and violent death of her husband Jeff, Jen is bitter and angry at the world. When Jen meets Judy who’s also a widow but not as high strung as Jen, soon a strong and powerful friendships blossoms between the pair. But as Jen allows Judy’s friendship to become an integral part of her life, unbeknownst to Jen, Judy hides a dark and shocking secret.

What time will I be able to stream Dead to Me Season 1 on Netflix?

Depending on where you are in the world will dictate what time Dead to Me Season 1 is available to stream in your region.

Below is the regional timetable for Dead to Me Season 1:

Time ZoneTime available to stream
Pacific Standard Time12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time1:00 AM
Central Standard Time2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time3:00 AM
British Summer Time8:00 AM
Central European Time9:00 AM
Eastern European Time10:00 AM
India Standard Time12:30 PM
Japan Standard Time16:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time18:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time20:00 PM

For anyone confused why Dead to Me Season 1 isn’t available from midnight in your region, this is because Netflix releases all of their titles at PST (Pacific Standard Time). So for fans in New Zealand that are 20 hours ahead of the PST, you don’t receive titles until late in the evening.

Every episode of Dead to Me Season 1 will be available to stream upon release.

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