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What time will Fuller House Season 2 be on Netflix?

We’re just a day away from getting our next dose of Fuller House magic on Netflix, and hardcore fans of the show will want to stay up to catch the exact time that Fuller House will be on Netflix. Fear not, as we’ve got the most comprehensive release schedule list on the internet for when Fuller House season 2 will be on Netflix.

Fuller House Season 2 is arriving slightly ahead of when we first predicted and looked to be permanently moving to the Christmas slot just because of the type of show it is. We’ll have a prediction as to when the inevitable season 3 of Fuller House will be on Netflix tomorrow.

It looks like the series has been moved forward because of the series Christmas episodes that were obviously deemed valuable throughout the holiday season.

As for the release time for Fuller House, it’s normally the case that Netflix Originals release on a Friday and are added at midnight at Netflix HQ. Why it gets added at midnight is a bit of a mystery but has been the case for most Netflix Originals for the past few years. Netflix is based out of California so therefore we’re looking at Westcoast time for as to when it’s going to release.

Release Time Schedule for Fuller House Season 2

Time Available Timezone Location
00:00 PDT West Coast – US
01:00 MT Mid-West – US
02:00 CET Central – US
03:00 EDT East Coast – US
09:00 GMT United Kingdom
17:00 AEST Australia
09:00 CEST Amsterdam (Europe)
15:00 SGT Singapore

Will Fuller House S2 Release Early?

It’s unlikely, every now and again Netflix let’s one of their own shows slip a little early to generate buzz but they haven’t done that in a very long time.


This post was last updated on December 14th, 2016 at 7:30 AM

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