What Time Will the Final Season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ be on Netflix?

Orange Is the New Black – Copyright. Netflix

It’s finally here. The last season of Orange Is the New Black arrives tomorrow and we’ll be saying goodbye to our favorite inmates at Litchfield. It’s been a long road but 7 seasons on is a fantastic run for one of Netflix’s oldest Originals. But you’ll want to make sure what time you can have a final binge on the ladies of Litchfield so allow us to help. Here’s what time the final season of Orange Is the New Black is available to stream on Netflix.

Orange Is the New Black is an American comedy-drama series created by Jenji Kohan. The series is based upon the book Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman. First debuting in the Summer of 2013, the Original has been one of Netflix’s most-watched shows and one of the flagship titles for the streaming service.

After her release from the Litchfield Maximum Security Prison, Piper Chapman struggles to adapt to life outside of prison. But with Piper now on the outside, her wife Alex is still serving her sentence. Taystee was convicted for murder and will be serving her time in Litchfield Max. Daya’s descension into drug addiction wreaks havoc on her relationships.

What time will the final season of Orange Is the New Black be on Netflix?

The following table is the timetable for the release of Orange Is the New Black season 7 around the world:

Time ZoneTime available to stream
Pacific Standard Time12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time1:00 AM
Central Standard Time2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time3:00 AM
British Summer Time8:00 AM
Central European Time9:00 AM
Eastern European Time10:00 AM
India Standard Time12:30 PM
Japan Standard Time16:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time18:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time20:00 PM

Netflix releases all of its latest titles from Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). This means for anyone living in regions the other side of the world have to wait until the evening before titles are available to stream.

If you’re looking for more information on the final season, make sure to check out our preview!

Is season 7 definitely the final season of Orange Is the New Black?

It will certainly be the final season of Orange Is the New Black but there have been talks of a potential spin-off.

As to whom would receive the spin-off is unclear at this time but there’s a whole roster of colorful characters to choose from, so they have plenty of options.

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