What Time Will The Incredibles 2 be on Netflix?

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The final Pixar movie to come to Netflix as part of the Disney deal with Netflix is just around the corner. The Incredibles arrives on Netflix on January 30th but if you’re either staying up or having trouble finding it. Here’s your guide to when you’ll be able to watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix.

It’s been over a decade since we first saw Disney Pixar’s first foray into the superhero world and it’s a welcome return despite Disney now having Marvel’s catalog in its roster.

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We return to the Parr family just moments after the first movie ends with them having to face the Underminer. The movie then goes into a story about how superheroes could potentially go back into the spotlight rather than tossed aside.

Sadly, you aren’t currently able to stream the first movie on Netflix to catch up.

Is The Incredibles 2 streaming everywhere on January 30th?

No, not every region is getting The Incredibles 2 tomorrow. Only the United States and Canada are scheduled to receive the second Incredibles movie so if you live outside of these two countries, you will not find it available from tomorrow. As we pointed out in our release schedule for The Incredibles 2, Netflix in the UK will eventually get it several years down the line and other regions may vary.

What time will The Incredibles 2 be on Netflix?

As per usual, Netflix releases all of its new titles at midnight at its HQ. As many will know, Netflix’s HQ is over in California so doing some simple maths across the timezones, we can accurately say when it’ll be dropping on Netflix.

Time Released Timezone
00:00 PST
01:00 MST
02:00 CST
03:00 EST


Can’t find The Incredibles 2 on Netflix search?

Be warned, one the first day or so, Disney movies are notoriously hard to find. That’s because it takes some effect for Netflix’s search functionality to pick up new titles. Best way to find it tomorrow if you can’t find it is to log out of Netflix and log back in.

Alternatively, we’ll have the direct link to the movie tomorrow posted on our What’s New on Netflix page plus we’ll also update this post with the direct link also.

Update: Here’s the direct link – add to your queue to then see it on other devices. 

Will The Incredibles 2 be on 4K on Netflix?

Nope. Disney hasn’t added any of its movies to Netflix in 4K which is highly frustrating but was likely a part of the contract.

How long will The Incredibles 2 be on Netflix for?

The movie will be on Netflix in both the United States and Canada for exactly a year and a half starting on January 30th. By our count, that means that The Incredibles 2 will be leaving Netflix on July 30th, 2019.

Will you be tuning in tomorrow for a rewatch or indeed your first watch of The Incredibles 2? Let us know down below.

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