When is Season 2 Release Date for Jessica Jones?


Netflix Original Jessica Jones seems like it first aired ages ago and for many, it’s the best of the four Defenders that have each gotten their own show. With it coming up to the two year anniversary since season 1 came to Netflix, we’re looking at when season 2 of Jessica Jones will be on Netflix streaming. 

The first season of Jessica Jones was probably the best debut of a Defender although some other the subsequent series of Daredevil definitely beats it. It tells the story of hardass Jessica Jones, a private investigator who is struggling to keep her past at bay when an old acquaintance comes back. Purple Man, played by David Tennant, causes big trouble for Jessica Jones before coming to a climatic finish. Season 2 of Jessica Jones will have to introduce

Season 2 of Jessica Jones will have to introduce a brand new villain and given how the current Marvel series schedule seems to be, we still think we’re a way away from finding out exactly who that is.

Jessica Jones is appearing in The Defenders

As you may know, Jessica Jones has a big role in The Defenders which releases on August 18th and is currently scheduled to appear in every single episode. Obviously, the series will see our crime fighters going head to head with the Hand but we don’t know if any new villains will come off the back of that which could result in Jessica Jones having to face off by herself.


Season 2 Release Date

At the moment, the only release window we have is 2018 which is quite vague so we’re going to look at the release schedule in a little more depth.

Let’s take a quick look at how the Marvel Netflix series have released so far and with that, a quick look ahead too.

  • Daredevil – Season 1 – April 10th, 2015
  • Jessica Jones – Season 1 – November 20th, 2015
  • Daredevil – Season 2 – March 18th, 2016
  • Luke Cage – Season 1 – September 30th, 2016
  • Iron Fist – Season 1 – March 17th, 2017
  • The Defenders – Season 1 – August 18th, 2017

Looking ahead all four of the defenders, with the current exception of Iron Fist, have been confirmed for more solo outings. Add to that there’s a Punisher series on the way at the end of 2017, it makes for a very busy lineup. If Netflix is releasing new Marvel shows three times a year like it is in 2017, then it’s just about picking which order and frankly it’s hard to say until we see The Defenders.

We think it’s the next series due as it’s the oldest one on the list so we can predict that March/April 2018.

We’ll have a full preview of Jessica Jones around the time The Defenders releases with all the cast developments and changes in store.

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