When is Season 4 of Velvet on Netflix?

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Velvet is among the biggest Spanish-speaking shows on Netflix, and we’ve been inundated with massive amounts of requests looking for the Netflix release date for season 4 of the show which started up in October. Let’s take a look at when Velvet season 4 will be on Netflix.

Velvet on Netflix is especially valuable at the moment given the other big Spanish show, Gran Hotel, just left Netflix in November 2016. It’s unlikely we’ll see Velvet leave too but it’s still valued more now than ever.

The show, which stars one of the biggest stars from Sense8, focusses on a young man called Alberto who’s running a store called Velvet in the 50’s and 60’s and his relationship with one of the seamstresses who works there. It’s rarely available across the world and Netflix carries complete English subtitles for the show too.


To determine the season 4 release date of Velvet on Netflix, we first have to look at the previous years and this years release schedule for the show. As of right now, the show is still airing in Spain so it’ll take some time for it to come to Netflix. Season 4 began airing on October 5th, 2016 and is scheduled to wrap up 14th December, 2016. Last year the series aired a little bit earlier but we don’t envision it conflicting with any Netflix release date.

On Netflix US, season 3 of Velvet was adding midway through the summer in June 2016 and given how a lot of Netflix contracts working in yearly cycles we can safely predict that the same will happen again this year. So with that said, we can safely say we’ll see season 4 of Velvet on Netflix in June 2017.

Do you watch Velvet? Can you wait this long before season 4 airs on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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