When is the Taken Season 2 Release Date on Netflix?

Taken, the NBC series that takes its name and premise from the movies starring Liam Neeson is back for season 2 and will eventually be coming to Netflix. Below, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from the latest series, its Netflix release date in various regions and some titles to watch on Netflix in the meantime. 

The Taken movies are iconic and in the age of TV adaptations and reboots, it seemed like Taken would be another cliche. What actually arrived was a thrilling series featuring the relatively unknown talents of Clive Standen and Jennifer Beals.

The second season sees Bryan Mills in a Mexican prison fighting for his life but when it looks as though he’s going to make it out, he gets kidnapped by a team of traffickers. His partner, Christina Hart is trying to gain the knowledge and technology to locate Bryan.


Although the series hasn’t kept the exact same release schedule on NBC, it’s negligible and shouldn’t affect the release date for season 2 on Netflix. The first series aired on Netflix in February 2017 and wrapped up in May 2017 with only ten episodes. The series has been expanded to 16 episodes for the second season and has begun airing slightly earlier.

NBC uses Netflix in most instances to try and get more viewers for the upcoming series and in most cases, it works. In which case what happens it that NBC will choose to release the series just before a new season will start airing.

That means we can expect season 2 to land on Netflix in January 2019 when we expect season 3 would begin to air on NBC.

If you can’t wait that long, Hulu is your answer as it serves as a catch-up service for the show. But you have to bear in mind they’ll only serve up the last few episodes and you’ll still need Netflix to watch the first season though.

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