When will ‘Lucifer’ be on Netflix in the United Kingdom?

Lucifer – Netflix

Lucifer is returning for its fourth season exclusively on Netflix or so we thought. Netflix in the United Kingdom has still yet to get seasons one to three and the fourth season has been put into question too. Here’s what we know about if and when Lucifer will be on Netflix in the UK. 

Just to catch you up a little. Lucifer was a FOX show before it was canceled last year by FOX. After a massive fan campaign, it was then revived by Netflix last summer.

Despite Netflix picking up the show and subsequently getting all three previous seasons in the United States and Canada, that’s yet to replicate in the United Kingdom.

As of the time of publishing, the series is still actively promoted by Amazon who brands the series as a Prime Original.

We spoke to Patrick Munn who runs TVwise.co.uk who when we asked about the contract with Lucifer said: “Not definitively. It’s unclear if it’s a Longmire situation (which Netflix UK couldn’t carry because WB sold it to other UK buyers) or more akin to The Expanse (where the studio will claw back rights to give to the commissioning net – in this case, Netflix). My money on the former.”

Lucifer is only a first-run Netflix Original

One important note about the series too is that Netflix doesn’t include it as a “global original”. Instead, it lists the series on its media site as a “first-run” original. This usually implies that there are existing contracts elsewhere. A good example is Better Call Saul where that’s considered “first run non-US”.

Lucifer listed as a first-run original

Tom Ellis who stars in Lucifer in the lead role was consistently asked a regarding its release on Netflix in the UK and answered with:

That strongly suggests that it’s on the way to Netflix UK before its likely May/June 2019 release.

Overall, we’re still waiting for something official from Netflix but all of the United Kingdom Netflix accounts on all social media have yet to mention the series at all. In the same spirit, Amazon Prime hasn’t mentioned the show since early 2018.

In conclusion, we’re none the wiser as to when Lucifer will be on Netflix UK but hopefully, it’ll be out before the season 4 release on Netflix.

Would you mind if season 4 dropped on Amazon instead of Netflix in the UK? Let us know in the comments.