When will ‘Nightflyers’ be on Netflix in the United States?

Nightflyers – Copyright Syfy

Nightflyers just touched down on Netflix across the world with one notable exception. The US didn’t get Nightflyers added to the service but as of the time of publishing we are currently expecting season 1 of Nightflyers to drop on Netflix in the US. Here’s when we’re expecting Nightflyers season 1 to arrive in the US and why we’re expecting it to. 

In case you haven’t heard about Nightflyers, it’s the latest Syfy sci-fi series that effectively replaced The Expanse which recently made its way over to Amazon Prime. The series is based on the books from George R.R Martin who you’ll know is the author behind the colossal hit series, Game of Thrones (still not on Netflix, by the way).

As we’ve gone into detail in our season 1 preview, the series is set in the future and is about a team of scientists who make the first contact with an alien race. Although reviews for the series has not been strong which some credit to George R.R. Martins’ limited involvement it’s still grown a modest fanbase likely now bolstered thanks to its release on Netflix.

Now let’s move onto its release schedule. The series airs first on Syfy in the United States. Its first episode dropped on December 2nd, 2018 with new episodes coming weekly. Once the series ended, it arrived on Netflix around the world (excluding the US) on February 2nd.

Nightflyers season 1 Netflix US Release Date

Syfy has a close working relationship with Netflix on several of its shows. Most recently and most notably, it had direct involvement with Happy! which dropped on Netflix in a similar fashion for its first season.

Because Netflix served as co-producer for the show, we are expecting season 1 of Nightflyers to drop on Netflix. The big question then is when.

Photo by Syfy

With previous shows on Syfy running in this relationship, new seasons often drop on Netflix just before the next season is due to air or as close as it can get. Happy!, for example, just dropped on Netflix in December 2018.

At the moment then, we’re expecting season 1 of Nightflyers to arrive on Netflix US by the end of 2019. That could either mean a November 2019 or December 2019 release date.

Where to stream Nightflyers in the meantime

The reason Americans have to wait for the longest is that Syfy still carries the show on its own digital platform. Syfy has a catch-up application which is currently streaming all 10 episodes although there are a few drawbacks. First, it’s ad-supported and second, you’ll need a separate account.

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