When will Part 2 of Disenchantment be on Netflix?

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Disenchantment has already been renewed for another 10 episodes and given the show’s popularity, season 2 won’t be too far off either. Here’s everything we know about season 2 of the new Matt Groening show including when it’ll release plus some idea of what’s going to happen.

In case you didn’t know, season 1 of Disenchantment is comprised of 20 episodes total and split in half. That’s not uncommon with Netflix shows with The Ranch most famously opting this format but has later been joined by Fuller House and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The benefit of releasing like this is that you’re able to drip content constantly through the year.

When will part 2 be on Netflix?

Most other shows that Netflix splits into two release new episodes roughly every six months. That means we should expect part 2 of season 1 to drop in either late 2018 or early 2019.

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Additionally, in episode 10, there might’ve been a small hint as to when the second part may release. The wizard said that it has taken a season or “whatever” this is to get through the story of the elf blood. When tossing up whether this is a season or not he referred to “summer and fall”. That would suggest our theory above is correct as part 1 released in the summer.

We’ll update this post the second we officially hear of when part 2 will drop on Netflix.

What will happen in part 2?

Elfo Post Credits Scene – Disenchantment

There are a few plot threads still ongoing plus we have to talk about the end-credits scene on episode 10 too.

We’re still waiting to hear what exactly both Bean and Elfo are. Elfo is clearly only part elf and given the ship Bean went on featured an assortment of different creatures, it’s safe to assume that Bean isn’t completely human.

Dreamland at present is in quite a bit of trouble with the majority of its army and people now turned to stone.

Oona is still at large with the queen now returned. Will she return to Dankmire and properly restart the war which was ended with their arranged marriage?

Finally, the end credits section. In that we see Elfo being washed up ashore and being dragged off. That almost certainly points to Elfo returning for part 2.

Will there be a season 2?

Reviews for the new show haven’t been too kind but it’s still too early to say. Matt Groening certainly has the history and said in an interview with Seth Meyers that he’s after “longevity” saying “that’s what it’s all about”. That certainly makes us believe that additional episodes will be on the way after part 2 but don’t expect them until mid-to-late 2019.


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When will Part 2 of Disenchantment be on Netflix?

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