When will Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys be on Netflix?

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Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

We’re long overdue for a new season of Trailer Park Boys and that’s even after a few special have been released on Netflix over the past year. So when exactly are we going to get season 10 of Trailer Park Boys streaming on Netflix? We think we have the answer.

Filmed in a mockumentary style format, Trailer Park Boys focusses on a group of hillbilly misfits and their life in a trailer park. Inexcusable actions and language are in plenty supply on this offbeat program. The star of the show is Bubbles however with his odd glasses and explosive personality. Netflix has become the official home of this fan favorite show.

The series has been a fan-favorite for quite some time now and it became a Netflix Original a few years back. Since then Bubbles and company has spawned numerous specials, stand-ups and even a god damn movie!


All Trailer Park Boys Titles on Netflix

So as of right now there’s only 9 seasons of the main show but season 10 has been announced to be in production so when will it launch to us anxious Netflixers?

As of right now all the episodes are available, at least in part on SwearNets premium subscription page but that’ll come as little joy for those who don’t want to bung out more money. Mike Smith on Twitter has been asked numerous times when season 10 of Trailer Park Boys would be arriving on Netflix and he did let an answer slip before deleting his tweet. He said that it’d be arriving in February/March 2016 and that lines up with our prediction as well because it’ll be exactly a year ago since season 9 hit Netflix.

So that’s the unofficial guide as to when we’ll be getting season 10 of Trailer Park Boys but the official word at the moment is just 2016 although we expect you’ll be hearing of an announcement very shortly.

When will Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys be on Netflix?

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