When will season 11 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ come to Netflix?

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The FX show turned FXX show is one that’s high on the agenda of most comedy fans. The American sitcom set around an Irish bar in Philadelphia has been a popular series since it started in mid-2005. With a great cast including the likes of Danny Devito, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton (who wrote the show too) along with Kaitlin Olson.

The show spares no punches with a script which is funny, intelligent and sometimes, borderline offensive. The group of 5 who are classic underachievers set run a dodgy old Paddy’s bar in Southern Philadelphia and on the whole, are struggle to make ends meet. It’s each for their own at this bar.


To learn when season 11 of Always Sunny will land on Netflix it’s worth noting a few schedule changes that the show has had in the past couple of years. Up until season 9 of the show, it always started in late September or early October. However season 10 started airing on FXX a couple years later and in mid-January. This shift in premiere dates could lead to the contract with Netflix being renewed a a different date.

In 2014, we saw season 9 added to Netflix on November 1st and in January 2016 the tenth season was added to Netflix. This leads us to predict that we may see season 11 of Always Sunny in Philadelphia added to Netflix some time in January in 2017. This will meet the same schedule as the past additions on Netflix but also coincide with season 12 (if it gets renewed) of the show beginning a couple of weeks later.

Disclaimer : This is an estimate of when the series will arrive and is not confirmed with any sources at FX or Netflix.

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