When will Season 12 of Anthony Bourdains: Parts Unknown be on Netflix?

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Season 11 of the CNN series Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown dropped on Netflix over Christmas but as you may know, there’s one remaining series to come to Netflix and that is the final season. When will season 12 be coming to Netflix? That answer is complicated as we’ll tell you below.

As you probably know by now, Parts Unknown has skyrocketed in popularity over the years in thanks to Anthony Bourdain. The famed chef and traveler were known for his charm, compassion and his fantastic presenting style. As you also probably know, he tragically took his own life earlier this year. He was midway filming the twelve season.

The series ran between 2013 and recently wrapped up the twelve and heartbreaking final season on CNN in November 2018.

How Parts Unknown has released on Netflix so far

For regular readers of What’s on Netflix throughout 2018, you’ll know that Parts Unknown has had a bit of a wild year on the service.

That’s because the title has been up for removal multiple times and see multiple series join and leave. Let’s go back through the timeline.

Back in the summer, Netflix was scheduled to lose all seasons. It renewed after the major news events. Later in the year, it lost a lot of the earlier seasons but gained newer seasons up to season 10.

Season 11 which aired between April and June 2018 then was released onto Netflix on Christmas Day 2018.

When will Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown season 12 be on Netflix?

Because the release schedule so far has been so strange with four seasons dropping 2018, predicting a solid date of when it’ll be on Netflix is hard. We are expecting Netflix to pick it up in 2019 but it could be anywhere between January 2019 and December 2019. It could be the case that it once again comes on December 25th.

Its release on Netflix isn’t guaranteed. CNN content is relatively limited on Netflix at the moment with only a handful of titles available.

At the moment, you can watch season 12 of the show on the CNN applications which are available on a limited amount of devices assuming you have a cable subscription.

We’re sorry we couldn’t be more specific but we’ll let you know once we know anything more here on What’s on Netflix.

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