When will Season 3 of The Last Kingdom be on Netflix?

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The BBC America/Netflix show The Last Kingdom is among the best historical dramas on Netflix and with season 2 now released, many will be wanting to know when season 3 of The Last Kingdom will be coming to Netflix. 

With Netflix desperate for its own answer to the HBO show Game of Thrones, the first attempt fell relatively flat. I’m referring to Marco Polo which was canceled thanks to a massive budget that didn’t match the audience that was watching it. Its next attempt was to go in with BBC American and secure the exclusive streaming rights to The Last Kingdom. That appears to be working given the reviews for the show and anticipation for each new season.

The show is set in 872 and is based on the novel series, The Saxon Stories. Alexander Dreymon stars as Uhtred of Bebanburg as him and many others fight for the future of what is now the United Kingdom. The series is often compared against Vikings which sadly isn’t on Netflix.

As of the time of writing (which we’ll update if and when it changes) the series has yet to be officially renewed for a third season. The reasons for this is that the BBC are behind the show. They’re traditionally very slow at renewing and producing new seasons of big budget shows. This is probably going to be the case with season 3 even with Netflix’s additional support.

The previous two seasons released within two years of each other we predict that it will be the same once again. The first season aired on the BBC between October and November 2015 and then added to Netflix in December. Season 2 aired between March and May 2017 and was added to Netflix on May 5th.

If this trend continues that means we’re definitely going to see season 3 of The Last Kingdom added to Netflix in 2019 although it completely depends on when it starts airing on the BBC first.

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