When will Season 3 of Van Helsing be on Netflix?

Van Helsing – Copyright Syfy

Bloodsuckers rejoice! SyFy show Van Helsing has been a smash hit with Netflix audiences and that trend will look to continue with the release of season 3 in the near future. But when exactly can we expect to see Season 3 of Van Helsing streaming on Netflix?

Instead of following the tale of Bram Stoker’s Abraham Van Helsing vs Dracula, the show instead centers around Abraham’s descendant Vanessa Van Helsing. Most of the known world is taken over by vampires after the supervolcano in Yellowstone erupts. The world is sent into an ash winter allowing all the hiding vampires safety from the sun. With no risk of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays the vampires easily overrun the human population.

Only small pockets of human resistance remain. Hiding within a Seattle hospital is former marine Axel Miller, the imprisoned vampire doctor Sarah, and an unknown catatonic woman that could hold the key to a vampire cure.

Season 2 Finale Recap and What to Expect From Season 3

*Spoilers for season 2 Ahead*

After Abigail sacrificed herself to open the door to free the Elder, it was revealed that the Elder who turned Dimitri had been given a choice: serve the Van Helsing bloodline or die. Deciding to choose the former, the Elder is forced to serve the Helsing bloodline until the Dark One is either released or dies.

Without hesitation, Scarlett ordered the Elder to kill Dimitri which he followed begrudgingly. Angered by this he exclaims he will never forgive Scarlett for forcing him to kill his favorite disciple. The season ended with the Elder reviving a catatonic Vanessa, but in the process, her eyes change from blue to red.

What To Expect From Season 3

As Vanessa wakes from her coma we will see what mutation has happened to her to that caused her eyes to change to its red state. Is Vanessa succumbing to the vampire virus or is she mutating into the ultimate vampire-killing machine? With the Elder bound to them, the Van Helsing sisters will be on the hunt for the remaining vampire Elders to stop the Dark One from awakening.

After trying to kill himself to get his revenge on Sam, Mohammed was sadly turned by Sam into a vampire. Sam will definitely be a bad influence on Mohammed and will most likely bring out the worst in Mohammed’s through his new vampire instincts. We can expect to see a trail of carnage in their wake as they tear through the North West.

When is Season 3 coming to Netflix US?

The latest seasons of Van Helsing usually release on Netflix a month before SyFy airs the next season on their network. This has served as a great way for SyFy to advertise their upcoming seasons but not great for fans as they have to wait a year between releases. So fans of Van Helsing can expect a possible September 2019 release date.

What about other regions?

Season 3 of Van Helsing will be coming to Netflix UK on the 25th of February 2019. All 13 episodes will be available to stream upon release!

Fans in Canada and Australia can expect a similar release date to that of the UK.

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