When will Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine be on Netflix?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 – NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has moved its new home on NBC for season 6 but if you’re a Netflixer around the world you’ll be wondering when season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be on Netflix. Let’s take a look at the license deal, whether it’ll be affected by its moving to NBC and its Netflix release date. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police sitcom created by Michael Schur and Dan Goor.

The series featuring an incredible cast such as Andy Samberg (Lonely Island), Terry Crews (The Expendables) and Andre Braugher (The Mist) is arguably the most popular sitcom to date.

The series had 5 seasons under its belt before FOX inexplicably canceled the show. It didn’t take long before NBC picked up the show for its sixth season and the network has already committed to making a seventh.

Where does Netflix carry Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Netflix actually carries Brooklyn Nine-Nine in many countries around the world as it does with its other comedies like ‘The Good Place’ and ‘Good Girls’.

Netflix in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, Israel Spain, and Poland all get new seasons of B-99.

In the United States, Hulu is the home of Brooklyn Nine-Nine despite Netflix also carrying other NBC comedies.

Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving to NBC affect its availability on Netflix?

In short, no. Despite Fox carrying the show before NBC took over, the series is actually continuing to be distributed by NBC which has been the case since season 1. That means the show will continue getting new episodes in all regions its carried before as only the broadcaster in the US has technically changed.

When will Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 be on Netflix?

In all cases except one, Netflix won’t be getting season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine added until Spring 2020 and that’ll likely fall in line with previous additions which is in March and April 2020.

Netflix Canada is perhaps the luckiest region of them all as they get weekly episode drops of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. New episodes arrive on Netflix Canada every Friday.

The series continues to be a popular title on Netflix in the UK where the social account for the show can’t handle constant questions.


If you’re in the United Kingdom, the series also has an official broadcaster too with it airing on E4. Episodes are available in a catch-up format on 4oD.

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