When will Season 9 & 10 of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ be on Netflix?


Hawaii Five-0 – Picture: CBS

Hawaii Five-0 is now into its tenth season on CBS in 2019 but its streaming on Netflix came to an end earlier this year with all of the current seasons being removed. Will Hawaii Five-0 be coming back to Netflix and could its ninth and tenth season be added?

The reboot of the classic CBS series has now been on our screens since 2010 and shows no sign of slowing down. The series didn’t initially appear on Netflix. It was only in 2015 that the older seasons were added and new seasons added ever since.

Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0 started its tenth season run on September 27th with it once again likely to wrap up in May 2020.

It used to be the case that Netflix would then pick up the new season in June or July following the season finale. However, in 2019 the series not only didn’t get season 9 added, but the entire series also left Netflix in the US.

Will Hawaii Five-0 be back on Netflix?

The main question most will have is whether or not Hawaii Five-0 will ever come back to Netflix and the answer appears to be no.

Firstly, CBS is throwing most of its resources into making CBS All Access profitable streaming service. Therefore, apart from strategic deals, it’s putting all of its new content and withdrawing all of its older content from streaming platforms.

If CBS All Access was to close, however, don’t expect Netflix to carry it again. It’s rare Netflix picks up older shows and especially since Hawaii Five-0’s popularity will have died down by that point.

Blue Bloods, another CBS series is also due to be leaving Netflix soon with it scheduled for removal come November 2019.

Is Hawaii Five-0 streaming on other Netflix regions

Beyond the US only a few Asian countries carry the show although according to Unogs, these regions also saw the title removed in 2019.

Countries like Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea lost the series entirely in June and July 2019.

Other regions such as South Africa, most of Latin American and European countries have also lost the license in recent years.

Do you wish Hawaii Five-0 would come back to Netflix? Will you subscribe to CBS All Access instead? Let us know in the comments.

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