When will TURN: Washington Spies Season 4 be on Netflix?

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The final season of TURN is now airing on AMC and is expected to land on Netflix at some point. Here at What’s on Netflix, we like to go a step further and give you an accurate prediction as to when season four will be coming to Netflix. Let’s dive right in. 

Although dwarfed when compared to AMC’s big hitters such as The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad,  TURN: Washington Spies is a sleeper hit among the AMC library and for those that take the plunge, you’ll be very happy you did. Based on the book by Alexander Rose, it’s set during the American revolutionary war and follows a group of spies.

The series has run for four seasons with this season being the last. It’ll contain ten episodes but feature a two-hour premiere special.


Netflix Release Date

Update: 11/24/2017: Netflix is releasing the series in December 2017 on December 1st.

AMC releases all their titles on Netflix in an annual fashion. This has been the case for TURN and The Walking Dead, for example, for the past several years.So the key to knowing when season 4 will be on Netflix is looking back in the past. Season 3 landed in June 2017 which means we’ll likely get season 4 of TURN on Netflix in June 2018.

Will TURN: Washington Spies leave Netflix?

You may be asking why we’d even ask that question in the first place. Well, the reason is that because the show is now finishing Netflix will likely carry the final season for a few years and inevitably drop it once it feels everyone has watched it. We’ve seen it with many FOX shows in the past which actually led to them dropping the entire catalog in effect.

In the meantime…

In case you’re all up-to-date with TURN: Washington Spies and are looking for an alternative in the mean time here are a few suggestions. First up, Frontier. The Netflix Original series starring Jason Momoa is a time period series set during the 1700’s at the height of the fur trade. Another fantastic time period drama is Peaky Blinder set in the 1920’s.

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