Will ‘Doctor Who’ Come Back to Netflix in 2018?

Doctor Who was removed from Netflix in early 2016 with it making its way over exclusively to Amazon Prime in the US. We didn’t see its return to Netflix throughout 2017 but will we see it come to Netflix again in 2018. As you probably have guessed, the answer is likely going to remain no. Let’s look at why.

Just a recap as to what happened for those who didn’t follow or have a Netflix account in previous years and didn’t know that the Doctor was on Netflix at one point. Doctor Who Classic and the modern Doctor Who were both available on Netflix and received yearly updates. Sadly, the BBC content came up for renewal in the early stages of 2016. It was then announced that Doctor Who would be leaving the service in favour of an exclusive deal struck with Amazon Prime.

The deal covered both Classic Doctor Who and the brand new Doctor Who. Thankfully, though, many of the other BBC shows up for renewal stayed on the service such as Top Gear, Call the Midwife and Death in Paradise.

Doctor Who is a BBC show produced and aired first in the United Kingdom. The series covers a timelord who uses his TARDIS to travel both space and time. It’s generated hundreds of in-depth stories and created many memorable villains such as the Cybermen and Daleks. The twelfth season is about to begin with an all-new logo, theme song and as you’ve probably heard, the first female Doctor.

The Amazon deal was likely a multi-year deal meaning we won’t see a Doctor Who return for the next few years at the least and if at all.  We couldn’t find any exact dates on how long the deal lasts for so it’s likely that it’s indefinite.

Elsewhere, Doctor Who can still be enjoyed on Netflix. Netflix in the United Kingdom (where the series actually airs) gets its Doctor Who seasons renewed annually. There’s been no word of Amazon Prime buying up Doctor Who there yet. 190 more regions also stream the show too.

There’s plenty of other great BBC shows and indeed sci-fi series on Netflix so don’t despair. Some recommendations we have include Travelers, a sci-fi show from Australia exclusive to Netflix. We’d also recommend trying out some of the other great BBC shows currently streaming on Netflix too.

Are you sad that Doctor Who won’t be returning to Netflix?