Will Justice League Come to Netflix?

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On the 13th of November, the new DC film Justice League premiered in Los Angeles and has so far received mixed reviews. But whether you like what DC has been releasing or not, we’re here to let you know if it will be heading to Netflix anytime soon. 

The movie incorporates Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Batman (Ben Affleck) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) who are all brought together to take on a dark and powerful force that threatens the world. The movie is set after the events of Batman V Superman where violent crime and terrorism is on the dramatic rise.

DC’s last cinematic release was ‘Wonder Woman‘ back in June of 2017. This movie welcomed a pleasant change for DC, and quickly became one of the most successful superhero debuts ever. This has filled many DC fans with hope for the release of Justice League and more great DC superhero titles in the future.

Now, finding out when Justice League will be added to Netflix is a little tricky. As you’ve probably noticed, new DC films like Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman are sadly missing from Netflix. It recently lost Wonder Woman to Amazon in the UK and HBO carries most of DC movies a year or two after the theatrical release so that’s where Justice League is most likely to end up.

Don’t worry though as DC fans on Netflix can enjoy a host of DC titles right now. The libary mostly includes CW shows like The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow. Along with some older DC animated shows.

As you have probably noticed, Netflix has been focussing on their relationship with Marvel and will continue to produce original superhero content exclusive to Netflix. Along with making their own, Netflix has also been welcoming new Marvel movies pretty soon after their theatrical releases and that’ll continue into 2018. Although once the contract ends in 2019, it may make sense going after the DC licenses.

Would you like to see DC titles on Netflix? Are you excited about Justice League? We would love to hear the comments below. 

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