Will Lady Dynamite be back for Season 3? Netflix Release Date?

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Lady Dynamite is back for season 2 but it may be quite some time until we see season 3 of Lady Dynamite arrive on Netflix if it follows the same path as other shows in the same genre. Below, we’ll cover everything we know about the third season of the show. 

The Netflix comedy is as a biographical series played by Maria Bamford who plays herself. We’ve seen this style of comedy in several forms over the years whether it be Louie from FX, Master of None or most famously, Seinfeld. Lady Dynamite bucks the trend of these shows by putting a significant focus on mental illness as she suffers from bipolar disorder. The first series holds one of the best review scores of any Netflix Original so it’d make sense to keep this train rolling.


Lady Dynamite Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed (Last updated: 11/09/2017)

As of the time of writing, the series has yet to be renewed. If it follows the same renewal pattern as season 1, we’d have to wait a couple of months until we know about the possibility of season 3.

The problem with shows like this is that they eventually run out of material because they’re based on the life of the comedian in the show. Maria has been full-time on this show since early 2016 and hasn’t announced any new projects away from Lady Dynamite since.

In conclusion, we think that Lady Dynamite will happen. What we don’t know is if it’ll be on hold for a couple of years.

When will Lady Dynamite Season 3 be on Netflix?

This is dependent on when and whether Lady Dynamite is renewed but it roughly has taken around a year and a half to produce season 2 so assuming it follows the same pattern, we’d expect to see the new season in early 2019.

Will Lady Dynamite follow Master of None?

As you may know, Master of None, another series similar to Lady Dynamite but focusing on Aziz Ansari has been put on permanent hold as Aziz is taking time away from acting to pursue other ventures. We don’t think Lady Dynamite will follow in the same light given the case of Master of None is a very special case.

Do you want to see Maria return to Lady Dynamite? Let us know down below.

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