Will Netflix have achievements on Xbox One?

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Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360 has been officially announced and with a big focus on the television and multimedia aspects of the console it’s been suggested that watching television and even Netflix will be able to gain you rewards either in the form of achievements or other bonuses scattered throughout the new system. IOL reports that an extension of the achievements could have you unlocking Microsoft products when watching multimedia devices.

It also reports that the reward scheme will have the Xbox system monitor your viewing habits such as if you prefer television programs or movies. It will track the programs which will then give you adverts (not necessarily through Netflix) which are aimed towards you.

It says there could be various types of awards such as avatar content (if they carry over) or other virtual rewards such as extra points or content in a game. It could also result in coupons.

It has already been said by industry experts that this new system isn’t what will drive people to watching more television stating : ‘The accomplishment of finishing Game of Thrones or [Netflix download series] House of Cards is that you watched it, you enjoyed it and you gave up 13 hours of your life to have that enjoyment’

Kasey Moore

Kasey Moore is the founder and editor-in-chief of What's on Netflix. Kasey launched the site in 2013 after growing frustration with finding content on Netflix. He has an in depth understanding of the release cycles for Netflix and has developed tools to make navigating Netflix easier. Resides in Norwich in the UK.