Will Netflix make more Gilmore Girls Seasons?

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrived on Netflix today (November 25th, 2016) and given how short the new season is, many of you are wondering whether that is the end of Gilmore Girls. Will we be getting a full season 8 of Gilmore Girls or another set of specials? Let’s take a look as to what’s been announced. 

Spoiler alert: This will include some key plot points that if you haven’t caught up yet, you probably won’t be too impressed if I ruined for you. 

Let’s have a quick catch up. Seven seasons of Gilmore Girls ran on The now defunct The WB between 2000 and 2007. Now, almost ten years on, Netflix decided top pick up the show (including the back catalogue) and reboot the show for a so-called miniseries which are comprised of four 90 minute long episodes. Each episode revolved around a different season of the year and had been highly praised since its release.

Given these were special one-offs as such as another season seemed unlikely, and we’ll go over some of the key reasons below too, but then they left us with that bombshell at the end of A Year in the Life.


At the end of the Fall episode everything looked like it was wrapping up with everyone being exactly where they needed to be and then at the final moment, Rory Gilmore announces that she is pregnant. Boom. Cue credits.

At this point, we should state that officially, Netflix has yet to announce whether it is looking to go beyond the A Year in the Life series.

This obviously gives us scope to move the story forward for another season but here are some points we need to go over which may prevent us from getting another season. Some would argue though that the dot dot dot scenario is a good enough ending that leaves the rest up to your imagination.

Getting everybody returning for a show after nearly ten years is no small feat and with the career success of Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham, in particular, have busy and full schedules. With that said and the plot obviously now shifting with Rory at the helm, could we see a brand new season just with her? Kind of like what Netflix has done with Full House and Fuller House.

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Another thing to consider is how Netflix would choose to do some more specials or a full season. Doing a few specials would make it easier to fit it in with schedules and to be honest, I thought the longer episodes but shorter seasons did the show a lot more justice and was like watching mini-movies. This method I think works far better for the type of show that Gilmore Girls is.

We’ll obviously keep an eye out for any more news but don’t be too disappointed if it’s the case that Netflix chooses to leave the series where it is right now.

Over to you, what would you like to see Netflix do with Gilmore Girls next? Sound off in the comments below.

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