‘YOU’ Season 2 on Netflix: What We Know So Far

Like Joe Goldberg’s obsession with Beck, subscribers worldwide became obsessed with YOU. After a blistering end to the first season, fans are already obsessing over the second season! We’ll be updating the article periodically so make sure to keep up to date with the latest news and information for season 2 of Netflix Original YOU.

YOU is a Netflix Original Thriller series based on the novel of the same name. Created by Caroline Kepnes, YOU debuted on the Lifetime network in America. Lifetime was responsible for the production of the first season and has since changed hands to Netflix who are now the sole company responsible for the thriller series. Netflix can be credited for the success of YOU thanks to its distribution to millions across the globe.

The story follows book store manager Joe Goldberg and his obsession with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. After meeting Beck and deciding she is the woman of his dreams, Joe will stop at nothing to manipulate events and supplant the people in her life to ensure he is in hers. With a deadly obsession comes a deadly motivation and it’s not long before those that stand in between Joe’s love for Beck enter the firing line.

Has ‘YOU’ been renewed on Netflix for season 2?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Officially renewed (last updated: 28th December 2019)

It’s important to look back at where the show came from. ‘YOU’ wasn’t originally intended to be a Netflix Original. Instead, it was a show from Lifetime. Lifetime had already released season 1 of You back in September 2018 to a small audience. The series was instantly renewed by Lifetime. All good right? Well, not quite. Lifetime had made the decision in a short space of time to drop the show and many of its other scripted shows to focus on movies. That’s where Netflix comes in.

Netflix picked up the show as a global Original and released the first season to the world on December 26th and will also be honoring the second season release too.

What to expect from the second season of YOU?

Joe Goldberg having murdered the former love of his life Guinevere Beck has fled New York for pastures new in the city of Los Angeles. It’s not long before Joe finds his new obsession in aspiring chef and health guru Love Quinn. But with Joe’s past constantly looking over his shoulder how can he hide his troubled past from his new flame? The bodies left behind in New York won’t stay hidden forever, but will exploits in New York follow him all the way to California?

Shay Mitchell in YOU season 1

With Joe’s ex Candace also waiting in the wings, what does she know of his past? Was Candace supposed to be dead as we were led to believe or in a twist of fate, is Candace obsessed with Joe? Any obstacle in Joe’s way is surely not safe and we can expect the body count to rise further.

For a more spoiler-heavy take on what to expect, we have an article for that too.

Who is in the cast for season 2 of YOU?

As the story will lead to Joe leaving New York City, we are unsure which cast members will be returning. Assuming Joe’s past will return to haunt him we fully expect some cast members reprise their roles. The following actors have been confirmed for season 2:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard before?
Joe GoldbergPenn BadgleyMargin Call, Easy A, John Tucker Must Die
Love QuinnVictoria PendettiThe Haunting of Hill House
CandaceAmbyr ChildersYou, The Master, Vice
EllieJenna OrtegaJane the Virgin, Iron Man 3, Insidious 2
Forty QuinnJames ScullyHeathers, Quantico, 9-1-1
WillRobin Lord TaylorGotham, The Walking Dead, Accepted


Haunting of Hill House breakout Victoria Pedretti landed the female lead in @YouNetflix Season 2. She plays Love Quinn, an aspiring chef who doesn’t care about social media. She’s also tending to deep grief — so when she meets Joe she senses a shared knowledge of profound loss. pic.twitter.com/XN0IdPjdKbSome of latest casting news for season 2 of YOU is Haunting of Hill House star Victoria Pedretti has been cast as Love Quinn. Expect her to be Joe’s next love interest.

Actor James Scully from Heathers has been cast for season 2 of YOU. Also, cast for season 2 is Jane the Virgin star Jenna Ortega. The roles of both actors have been announced.

Ambry Childers has also been promoted to a series regular and will reprise her role as Candace.

Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor has been cast for a recurring role in Season 2 of YOU.

Why has the series moved from New York to California?

The big reason for moving the story as we said above is the story. Joe has to get away from his previous location and start afresh and where better than sunny California.

Will season 2’s plot of YOU be based on the sequel novel Hidden Bodies?

Fans of the show that haven’t read the novel of which the series is based upon won’t have realized that there are significant differences between the novel and the TV series. As we’ve already established Joe is leaving New York and heading to Los Angeles for pastures new. This is also the base plot of Hidden Bodies as Joe attempts to run away from his past after the murder of Guinevere Beck and previous trauma from his life.

The tv show has already diverted somewhat from the books but we can expect the show to take a lot of inspiration from the sequel novel.

Has production begun on season 2 of YOU?

The first table reading began on the 15th of February!

Are there any images for Season 2 of YOU?

Sadly we don’t have any stills or images for season 2 of YOU as we are waiting for production to begin!

What do the fans have to say about season 2?

How many episodes are there for season 2 of YOU?

An official episode count is yet to be announced. Considering most Netflix shows air with 10 episodes we are fully expecting the second season of YOU to follow suit. Each episode will roughly be around 60 minutes.

Is there a trailer for season 2 of YOU?

A trailer is yet to be released but we can expect a teaser to drop in the coming months.

When is the release date for season 2 of YOU?

It’s been speculated since renewal that YOU would return to Netflix in December 2019.

Netflix may have just leaked the release date for the second season.

In a tweet that was hastily deleted, Netflix revealed a bunch of potential release dates:

The above tweet was referring to the 11th of September. One-hundred and eleven days after the tweet fall on December 30th, 2019.

Netflix has yet to comment on the official release.

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