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Is Season 1 of This Is Us on Netflix?

NBC has had a bit of a resurgence in 2016 largely in part thanks to Saturday Night Live killing it in the ratings, one of the other big hits this year has been the first season of This Is Us. Given its instant popularity, many will be wondering if and when season 1 of ‘This Is Us’ is coming to Netflix.

The series which premiered back on September 20th, 2016 and will continue until March 14th after its eighteenth episode. It’s expected that the show will get an instant renewal although that’s yet to be confirmed.

The series tells multiple different stories from people going through different stages of life and problems. The one thing that they do share, though, is that it’s their 36th birthday. One story involves a new father learning that he lost one his newborn, a son who finds a father who left him and a woman who’s struggling to overcome her weight problem.

NBC shows on Netflix are fairly hit or miss as of late. In fact, in recent months, more NBC shows have been removed from Netflix than added. Most recently, Chuck has left as well as NBC’s flagship show Heroes. Some of the networks other big shows such as Parenthood, Law & Order, The Office, 30 Rock and The Blacklist all remain on the service.

What are the chances of This is Us coming to Netflix? At this point, it’s hard to say although evidence points to the answer being no. NBC have putten an emphasis on its streaming platform which includes its shared ownership of Hulu too. As of right now, Hulu carries the complete catalog of This is Us episodes and gets new ones alongside the air date.

As to whether Netflix would pick it up, they’d have to see that it’d pay dividends to pay for exclusive rights to the show. As Netflix has stated over the past few years, Netflix only wants titles if it owns them exclusively.

It’s likely though that the series would come to other Netflix regions other than the US. We’d expect it to come to Netflix in September 2017 just before season 2 starts airing.

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