Is Season 7 of The Walking Dead on Netflix?

Update: Season 7 will arrive on September 8th, 2017 in full.

When will season 7 of The Walking Dead be added to Netflix? Will you be able to catch up before the new season? All will be revealed below as we take a look at the official release date for the latest season of The Walking Dead.

Season 7 was one of the most epic seasons of The Walking Dead to date. With lots of new characters, lots of deaths and plenty of tense moments, it’s been one of the most memorable seasons yet. Without going too much into spoiler territory we’ll say that the villain, Neegan is the best one in the series to date who has essentially managed to break Rick throughout much of the season.


Let’s take a look at the official release date for season 7 of The Walking Dead:

Netflix US Release Date

The US Netflix secured the contract for The Walking Dead a few years ago and has been adding the series consistently in the same release window. As the series airs on AMC, Netflix isn’t able to give you weekly drops as Hulu and AMC’s own platforms have that privilege. This year, the series debuted on AMC on October 23rd, 2016 just a few weeks later compared to previous years.

Given the first eight episodes haven’t been added it’s safe to assume that our release window will be the same as previous years. That means we just have to look at previous years Netflix release dates, and from that, we can tell you that we’re almost 100% likely to get season 7 of The Walking Dead on Netflix in September 2017. That’s shortly before season 8 will air on AMC in the US.

Other Regions

The US is one of the few English speaking Netflix services that provide the show at all. For the UK, your best bet is to join up to NowTV who offers the series as a catch-up service. Australians, Foxtel has exclusive rights to the show so don’t expect it joining Netflix there either.

We hope that gives you an indication as to when you’ll be streaming season 7 of The Walking Dead. Are you enjoying season 7 so far? What do you think about having to wait this long for new seasons?

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