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Is the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Movie on Netflix?

Now that Netflix are bringing out their own Original series based on the Lemony Snicket books, you might want to watch the 2004 adaptation starring Jim Carrey while you eagerly wait for the first season to release very soon.

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If you would like to see what time the new season releases in your time zone, please follow this link to another one of our articles.

The film was directed by Brad Silberling and starred some quite big actors including Jim Carrey (as the main role of Count Olaf), Jude Law and Meryl Streep. The film reasonably stuck to the source material, which pleased some big fans of Lemony Snickets best-selling books. After three siblings are made orphans due to an unfortunate and devastating fire in their family mansion that kills both their parents, they are sent to a distant relative, ‘Count Olaf’ who maliciously tries to acquire the Baudelaire’s massive inheritance by using murder, arson, and many other cruel methods.

Depending on which country you live in, you may or may not be able to stream this movie from Netflix. Because the film was Distributed by Paramount Pictures, who is owned by Viacom (UK), this film is not available in the United States due to Viacom recalling all their content from America’s streaming services.

But if you’re not living in America have hope! Because the film is streaming in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, France, Netherlands, Germany

In Netflix terms, that is a lot of countries that are able to stream this movie. It is clear Netflix are a massive fan of the franchise, especially now they are making their own adaptation of the new series. The new series will consist of eight episodes that cover the first 4 books by Snicket. It will star Neil Patrick Harris as the Count.

Keep your eye out because we will be releasing many more articles following the release on January 13th, covering everything you will want to know about the new Netflix Original series.


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