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When will Season 2 of Quantico be on Netflix?

One of Netflix’s big pickups from the ABC library in 2016 was Quantico. The show defied expectations and genuinely added something to the crime thriller genre. It’s fitted in nicely with the Netflix library so it’s time to find out when Quantico season 2 will come to Netflix. 

The series stars Priyanka Chopra who plays the role of Alex Parrish, an FBI agent who spent the first season on the run from being framed for a terrorist attack at Grand Central Terminal. Season 2 will see the FBI agent essentially going rogue and working undercover.

The show has been well-received outside of Netflix with great ratings and review scores for the show.


The series is following the same release schedule on ABC as the first season meaning that we saw the first episode air in September 2016 and will wrap up sometime in May 2017.

Most Netflix third-party contracts get renewed on a yearly basis and that’s the case with most of the ABC programs on Netflix such as Agents of Shield. The first season was added to Netflix US in August 2016 and therefore we suspect that it’ll be added around the same time this year. That means season 2 will almost definitely arrive on Netflix in August 2017.

As for those on the Netflix DVD platform, you can expect the new boxset to arrive sometime in September 2017.

All that leaves us to do is wait, platforms like Hulu may give you the advantage of watching episodes early but for a complete binge, you’re best waiting until this August. If the show does get renewed, expect that to air in September 2017.

Are you excited to catch season 2 of Quantico on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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