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Will ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ stream on Netflix?

AMC has always had a good home on Netflix in the past with the main Walking Dead series getting promptly updated every September just before the new series is about to air. But will the same thing happen with the new spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead?

As we mentioned above, Fear The Walking Dead is a spinoff to the hugely successful main series The Walking Dead which sees millions of viewers tune in each week to find out whether the team will stay alive.

The spinoff gives the shows writers the opportunity to break away from the main storyline and focus on different groups and stories. It’s not the first spinoff AMC has done with Breaking Bad getting a full blown spinoff in the name of Better Call Saul and for the most part, it seems to be quite fruitful for AMC. Where The Walking Dead fast forwarded through the earlier stages of the outbreak, this series will let you live the first days to weeks of the outbreak. Something I’m sure every fan will want to see.

For the majority of weeks in the year you’ll often see The Walking Dead feature in the most popular box so it’s a no brainer for Netflix to pick up the spinoff right? Well sadly that doesn’t look to be the case as it’s already been planned that Netflix won’t be acquiring Fear The Walking Dead as a new contract has recently been drawn up between AMC and Hulu.

In the contract all new shows will appear, in the US at least, exclusively on the Hulu Plus service preventing Netflix from streaming the show in any capacity. It’s not known how long the deal last and how many seasons of Fear The Walking Dead it covers but what we do know is for the next few years at least, you won’t be streaming FTWD on Netflix. This is bad news for Netflix going forward with AMC as they have a track record of producing great content that equally have massive fan bases.

Now this deal does cover the US only. Other regions may receive the show but there’s nothing out of either Netflix or AMC regarding this. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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