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Top 10 Superhero Series on Netflix 2017

2016 saw a huge expansion of the superheroes series on Netflix with new additions like Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow being added to the already strong Marvel and DC presence on the streaming service. With 2017 now in full flow and the promise of many more seasons of great Superhero content, we’re going to rank every single Superhero series on Netflix right now.

10. Supergirl

Seasons: 1 / Regions: US / License: DC

Supergirl had high hopes at breaking onto CBS but sadly was relegated to The CW after the first season. Don’t let that put you off digging into the series, though. The series stars Melissa Benoist who after years of hiding away saves her sister and introduces Supergirl to the world. The second season played a lot of fan service with lots of crossover with the other CW shows.

9. DC Legends of Tomorrow

Seasons: 1 / Regions: US / License: DC

One of The CW’s latest adaptations from the DC universe has been Legends of Tomorrow. It follows a mixed group of superheroes who have to band together to help prevent an apocalypse. The second season returns in January 2017 but the first is available to watch right now on Netflix.

8. Luke Cage

Seasons: 1 / Regions: Global / License: Marvel 

The third Netflix Original series comes in the form of Luke Cage. Although it’s his first solo outing, he was first seen in Jessica Jones as one of her lovers. Taking us to Harlem, we follow the events leading up to Luke Cage gaining his powers and the gang that’s terrorizing the neighborhood. That means there is only one remaining character from The Defenders to premiere but Luke Cage’s is certainly the weakest of the three so far.

7. Gotham

Seasons: 3 / Regions: US, UK / License: DC Comics

Gotham rewinds the clock on the Gotham City that you’re probably familiar with. It takes us back to just after Bruce Wayne’s mother and father were brutally killed and takes us from there. It does a great job establishing the backstories of some of the biggest villains and allies in the Batman universe. It certainly is a lot slower and more political than the movies but it makes for fascinating viewing.

6. Young Justice

Seasons: 2 / Regions: US / License: DC

Although there’s a lot of animated superhero series on Netflix, the live-action usually trumps the animated stuff but Young Justice stands out as being a series that actually does compete with the big boys. It features all of your favorite DC characters but much younger, it’s got some interesting plots and is surely worth your time.

5. Agents of SHIELD

Seasons: 1 / Regions: US / License: Marvel 

Agents of Shield is the only Marvel series that isn’t produced by Netflix themselves on the service with Agent Carter not available on the platform. The series picks up after the first Avengers with the recruitment of Agents of Shield organization. It’s less focussed on powers than the others on this list but still ties into the universe perfectly.

4. Jessica Jones

Seasons: 1 / Regions: Global / License: Marvel 

The second season has a lot to prove because of how well David Tennant made the first. The series follows Jessica, a private investigator who is trying desperately to move on from her past. David Tennant, who plays the role of the villain, is one of the best we’ve ever seen in a series and that’s why it’s so high on our list.

3. Arrow

Seasons: 5 / Regions: US / License: DC Comics

Arrow was the first of the brand new breed of superhero shows on The CW and thankfully has secured its place on Netflix for the foreseeable future thanks to a new deal in 2016. Arrow, which often crosses over with the other shows on the network, is about a billionaire who spends his evening hunting criminals with a bow and arrow.

2. The Flash

Seasons: 2 / Regions: US / License: DC Comics

How The Flash was going to work on television without a massive budget was always a question in my mind but it delivers. Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, is The Flash after gaining his superspeed from an electrical storm. The series is well-known for its crossovers with the other CW shows including Arrow and Supergirl.

1. Daredevil

Seasons: 2 / Regions: Global / License: Marvel

Daredevil, simply put, is the most developed superhero series currently streaming on Netflix. The production value is through the roof with it even breaking a few world records. It follows Matthew Murdock, who is played by Charlie Cox who was blinded from a young age but gaining heightened other senses. It’s introduced us to The Punisher too as well as some other highly memorable villains and will hopefully introduce many more.

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