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Top 25 Children’s Movies on Netflix in 2016

Keeping the kids busy with Netflix is a doddle, there’s tons of movies to keep them busy but let’s face it, even us adults get a kick out of watching children’s movies whether it’s for the nostalgia value or just the fact that they just appeal to you because of the pretty colors. That may seem patronizing but it’s true. There’s hits here from all of the biggest content creators in this space including Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and more!

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Onward with our top 25 children’s/family movies currently streaming on Netflix US.

25. Curious George (2006)


Kicking off our top children’s list is Curious George. The long time character in the famous book series saw a feature length movie made in 2006 along with a TV series. Drew Barrymore along with Will Ferrell were involved with the movie telling the story of how Curious George came to be.

24. Radio Rebel (2012)


In at number 24 is the Disney TV channel movie Radio Rebel which didn’t get a theatrical release in 2012. In the show young and upcoming Debby Ryan takes the lead role in a movie all about a radio station in a high school which allows the student to let free of her thoughts.

23. Jimmy Neutron : Boy Genius (2001)


The long running Nickelodeon series Jimmy Neutron got its first movie back in 2001 with aliens invading the world and abducting all of the adults! The boy genius then conducts a plan along with the other kids to go to the alien world and save their parents. The animation here is a little old but fans of Jimmy will be at home with this movie.

22. National Treasure (2004)


Introducing your kids to Nicholas Cage is an absolute must and National Treasure, while not the best movie out there, will give you this opportunity. In the movie a historian (Cage) races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries.

21. The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

The Emperor's New Groove

This moral tale stars an emperor who has been turned into a Llama to teach him valuable lessons about being compassionate and humble. It’s funny and one of the few success stories from the classically animated Disney stories in the early naughties.

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