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Top 25 Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix

Love is in the air here at What’s on Netflix as Valentines Day fast approaches around the corner. If you’ve got plans for the night of Valentines then have a great time but if you’re planning on settling in for a night of *ahem* Netflix and Chill, then we’ve got some perfect movie picks that you can currently watch right now on Netflix US. There’s something for everyone here, romance, comedy, indie and even a bit of Adam Sandler, yes we said it.

Here are our top 25 valentine’s day movies you should be watching on February 14th

20. Legally Blonde


Cult classic Legally Blonde starring Reece Witherspoon has social relevance right up to today even after a decade and a half since its initial release. A sorority queen travels to law school to get back her boyfriend only to find out she has what it takes to become lawyer herself.

19. Adventureland

adventure-land-netflixFor those of you that loved Superbad, Adventureland doesn’t fall too far from the same tree. The young rom-com starring smiley Kristen Stewart and everyone’s favorite geek, Jesse Eisenberg shows an amusement park can be the perfect catalyst for a relationship.

18. Grease


Grease is one of the all-time great feel good musical movies. A top cast belt out the songs and the boy meets girl rollocks along to a delightful conclusion.  This is a movie to be watched on a regular basis.  And, oh those trousers…

17. Cuban Fury


This romantic comedy has some memorable faces on the bill and was a fantastic movie when it launched in 2014. Starring Nick Frost, Rashida Jones and Chris O’Dawd the movie is all about one movies revived passion for the art of salsa dancing.

16. Last Love


This is a very nice take on the older man younger woman theme.  Michael Caine is, as usual, magnificent and the various relationships between him, his children and the delightful Pauline are handled with style.

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