5 Series Similar to Power on Netflix


Depending on where you live in the world, you may have access to the fantastic series Power. If you’re in the United Kingdom, you’ll know you get new episodes relatively quickly after the US release. For those in the United States, you’ll have less luck as it’s been snapped up by another provider.

Power is a series where the protagonist owns a successful nightclub but also doubles up as a drug kingpin is a familiar tale that involves plenty of crime, collusion, deceit and spectacle. They’re what we’re looking for in worthy alternatives.

Regardless of whether or not you’re able to stream Power on Netflix, here’s five alternatives that are widely available that’ll scratch that Power itch.

Peaky Blinders

Although Power is set in the modern day, many traits can be found in the BBC drama/Netflix Original series Peaky Blinders. The series which stars Cillian Murphy as the leader of a well-known gang in the 1920’s. Although there’s a time difference, the series has many of the same traits where a gang runs most of Birmingham often under the disguise of normal businesses.


When it comes to real world drug lords, there’s few more notorious than Pablo Escobar who is the followed in the first two seasons of Narcos. It follows the start, rise and ultimate demise of the Escobar reign that ran for many years and many millions of dollars. The series is a Netflix Original and has tremendous production value and is relatively short too.

The People vs OJ Simpson

James St Patrick has it all but is constantly on the brink of losing it all thanks to his involvement in various crimes. O.J Simpson is someone who had a similar situation although his crimes were slightly different. Effectively being a fast forward for Power, the series follows the trial and eventual conviction of the famous football player OJ Simpson.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage is one of the four Netflix/Marvel series and while you may think that it has absolutely nothing to do with Luke himself, you’d be half right. Underlying season 1 of Luke Cage is a drug gang that ends up affecting Luke in numerous ways. The series also shares many other cultural links to Power too including the music and areas in which it operates.

Breaking Bad

Although we mentioned the biggest drug deal in the real world above, Breaking Bad features some of the best-organised crime storylines of all time. The main part of the show is focussed on Walter White, a high school student who has to develop a way of making cash for his cancer treatments. He then gets sucked into the world of crime, much like James St Patrick has before eventually losing it all.

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