5 Shows Like Supernatural on Netflix

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Are you jonesing for the new season of Supernatural? Here are five shows streaming now on Netflix that should curb the craving.

The CW show Supernatural has a fiercely dedicated fan base. If you’re ever looking to start trouble, casually mention the show sucks to someone that watches. Then run. (I have performed this experiment. I do not recommend trying this at home.) While I know nothing can compare to your love of the Winchesters, these shows may just pull you through.

American Horror Story

There is a lot of debate as to whether this show has jumped the shark. But if you’re looking for fantasy horror that’s way out there with something crazy around every corner, then this is the show for you. It’s an anthology series, so each season you get a new story and a new cast. Don’t like one? You can move on to the next. How’s that for convenient? And all of the storylines have threads based on reality. If you’re a big nerd like me, half the fun is looking up the backstories that each season is based on.

The Vampire Diaries

Based on the popular book series, this is another series with a rabid following. It has received umpteen award nominations and even has a spin-off, The Originals. It’s set in Mystic Falls, a town with a supernatural history, and like Supernatural it also deals with brothers of the spooky variety. There are werewolves, witches, and all the good stuff you’re looking for in a soapy, blood-soaked drama.

Twin Peaks

This one satisfies your craving for the unexplained. While it may seem to be more rooted in reality than any on this list, I think you’ll find it’s definitely…out there. Created by David Lynch, it’s an eerie crime mystery with heavy doses of wtf. The series has such a huge cult following it was revived this year on Showtime.

Once Upon a Time

Filling your need for all things enchanted is Once Upon a Time. It tells the story of a world in which fairy-tale legends and modern life collide. Characters are transported from the stories in which they live into the real world with no memory of their previous lives. You’re treated to drama with everyone from Captain Hook to Snow White trying to break the curse put upon them.


After getting turned into a werewolf, the Elena Michaels struggles to maintain a normal life with her boyfriend. This show balances the real world with the mythological, as she is torn between a normal life with her human boyfriend and her “family” obligations as a werewolf. Among her “pack” is her ex-fiancé Clayton, who is responsible for her becoming a werewolf. As you can imagine, all sorts of relationship shenanigans ensue.

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