5 Things We Want From Another Netflix Gilmore Girls Series

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The Gilmore Girls revival has been met to massive success and has started the campaign for Netflix to renew the show yet again for another series. In anticipation of this, we’ve gone and picked out 5 things we want to see from another season. 

One of the main reasons why people love Gilmore Girls so much is because of how relatable it is. Everyone wants the life that Rory has. Everyone wants to be smart, pretty, have a good relationship with their mum and spend time with their best friend. Everyone wants to meet the right person to fall in love with. A Year in the Life was everything we wanted it to be but left us all wanting more. There are still so many questions and characters that we want to see.

So here are five things that we want from another season, should there be one…

1. Who’s The Daddy?

For those of you who have finished all four episodes by now, you’ll probably be wanting to know what that shocking ending was all about. The final words of Rory were that she is pregnant, and most of us will be wanting to know who the father is. However, perhaps it’s obvious that it has to be Logan, seeing as the other two men that Rory had relations with we hardly even met.

Nobody would have expected this ending, which is why it’s difficult to judge how we’re supposed to feel about it. The perfect and smart Yale graduate is pregnant, but her life isn’t complete. Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is her Luke. It’s all going to end up mirroring Lorelai, right?

2. The True Ending

The four-episode series was supposed to be about closure, and finishing off the story in the right way. However, Rory did not have the year that any of us were expecting. We’ve all been there – not knowing where we’re going to be or which path to take. However, seeing as the whole year Rory is running around trying to find a job and a stable home, it’s not what we’d expect from her character.


The first seven series were the build up to her being successful, smart and secure but now it seems everything has fallen apart for her. So now we want to see her rise again and be the woman we know she’s meant to be, even if she does have a baby.

3. The Minor Characters

It seems that some of the main character from the first seven series did not play a huge role in this season and that’s okay. However, if there is to be another season, fans will want to see more of those characters who used to be so vital to the show. Although the show’s main focus is on the mother-daughter relationship, there are so many other characters that influenced Rory’s life when she was growing up, and many people will want to see the sparkle of those back. Rory and Lane were best friends, but we didn’t truly see that again. In fact, Kirk had a bigger role than some of the old main characters.

4. Emily Gilmore

One character that has truly grown in the new series is Emily Gilmore. She has gone from being strict, careful and crude to careless, free and happy. It was interesting to watch this transformation, which was most evident when she kept repeating the word ‘bullshit’ at a meeting and then finally quit the DAR. It will be intriguing to see what she does next and who she will meet. We’re all so used to her being stuck in her old ways as she was for years, but now she is a new woman. We want more!

5. Careers

Both Lorelai and Rory have brighter things ahead of them, with Lorelai wanting to expand The Dragonfly Inn and Rory writing a novel. If there’s another season, we want to see how different Lorelai’s Inn will be, we want to see her build the empire that she’s always dreamed of – not to mention see Sookie get involved too. Rory and her novel could make or break her and I think we were all expecting her career in journalism to work out however, a novel could open up many doors for her. We want to see how these two women can grow and finally achieve what they have always wanted. Like mother, like daughter – perhaps Rory had to make mistakes to get where she needed to be.


Overall, the show felt like the old ones. Everyone had the same chemistry and it was as if they never actually left our screens. There’s still so much that could happen and it’s so exciting that we could end up with another four-episode series. Especially when you consider just how much of a cliff-hanger it ended on.

The only complaint we have from the new season is the lengthy scenes such as the Stars Hollow Musical. Did we need to see the whole thing in its entirety? Considering that we only get four episodes, every minute counts and we all want as much juice as we can get out of it.

Bring back the Gilmore Girls Netflix!

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