Best New Movies on Netflix This Week: July 25th, 2020

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best new movies added to netflix this week july 26th

Spotlight is now available to stream on Netflix

We have fantastic new Originals, an Oscar-winning feature, and more on the list of best new movies on Netflix this week!

Here are all the best new movies on Netflix this week:

Spotlight (2015)

Director: Tom McCarthy
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama | Runtime: 129 Minutes
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery

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An incredibly shocking movie based on true events. Spotlight chronicles the exposure of child molestation that had been covered up by the Catholic Church for decades. The feature won two academy awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, respectively.

The Kissing Booth 2 N

Director: Vince Marcello
Genre: Comedy, Romance | Runtime: 130 Minutes
Cast: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, Carson White, Maisie Richardson-Sellers

It’s been quite the wait since the announcement was first made, but The Kissing Booth 2 has finally arrived on Netflix. We’re already expecting The Kissing Booth 2 to be one of the most popular new additions to Netflix this Summer.

After spending a romantic few weeks together during the summer, Noah and Elle’s relationship will face their hardest challenge yet as the former bad-boy heads to Harvard University. Can their relationship handle the pressure of long-distance? After being so popular with the girls at school, Elle is likely to be worried about college girls trying to get into Noah’s pants. The same could be said for Noah as with him being so far away, the wolves that are high school boys will encircle hoping to take Elle away from him for themselves.

Animal Crackers (2017) N

Director: Tony Bancroft, Scott Christian Sava, Jaime Maestro
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Runtime: 105 Minutes
Cast: Emily Blunt, Danny DeVito, John Krasinski, Ian McKellen, Raven-Symoné

Behind the scenes, Animal Crackers has been one of the most controversial films of the past few years. Riddled with legal disputes, Animal Crackers came extremely close to never seeing the light of day on Netflix. The animated feature also stars the married team of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, starring together again!

To save a run-down circus from their evil Uncle Horatio P. Huntington, a family uses a box of magical animal crackers that turns the eater into animals.

IP Man 4: The Finale (2019)

Director: Wilson Yip
Genre: Action, Biography, Drama | Runtime: 107 Minutes
Cast: Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan, Vanessa Wu, Jim Liu

The epic conclusion to the decade-spanning martial arts franchise has arrived on Netflix!

Ip Man, the Kung Fu Master must travel to the United States when his student upsets the martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

The Notebook (2004)

Director: Nick Cassavetes
Genre: Drama, Romance | Runtime: 123 Minutes
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Ed Grady

What is now considered as a classic date movie, The Notebook is one of the most beloved romantic films from the noughties. The Nicholas Sparks story has left many a teenager in tears but fans find themselves coming back time after time to watch the romantic story unfold.

He’s poor, she’s rich but that doesn’t stop Noah and Allie falling madly in love with each other. Despite her love for Noah, Allie’s “respectable” Southern family deter her from the young man, but fate has its way with love, and the young lover finds themselves drawn to each other over the years.

Which new movie on Netflix are you going to be watching? Let us know in the comments below!

Best New Movies on Netflix This Week: July 25th, 2020

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