Best New Shows on Netflix for Thanksgiving Weekend 2021

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True Story – Picture: Netflix

On this Thanksgiving weekend, there’s a healthy line-up of animated shows from the past week that you should consider binging with your leftover Turkey. Here are the best new TV shows on Netflix this Thanksgiving weekend for 2021.

N = Netflix Original

Here are the best new TV shows added to Netflix this week:

Arcane (Season 1) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 9
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 41 Minutes
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Kevin Alejandro, Jason Spisak, Harry Lloyd

With all nine episodes now available to stream, it’s only right the series gets its due as the best new show added to Netflix this past week. What Riot Games and Fortiche have achieved is nothing short of sheer excellence in producing what is arguably one of the best-animated projects ever made.

The utopian city-state of Piltover sits high above the citizens of Zaun, the undercity, where crime is the only way to survive. The delicate balance and peace of the two cities are interrupted when the invention of Hextech revolutionizes Piltover, but the creation of the drug shimmer turns the citizens of Zaun into monsters.

F is for Family (Season 5) N

Seasons: 5 | Episodes: 44
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama | Runtime: 30 Minutes
Cast: Bill Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long, Debi Derryberry, Haley Reinhart

With five seasons under its belt, we finally say goodbye to the Murphy family.

Frank Murphy, a typical father of a 1970s middle-class American family has a job he hates, kids running wild, a nagging wife, and all he wants to do is drink his beer, and enjoy his TV.

Super Crooks (Season 1) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 13
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 30 Minutes
Cast: Jonah Scott, Kenjiro Tsuda, Maaya Sakamoto, Bill Butts, Kellen Goff

Prior to Super Crooks, none of Mark Millar’s body of work had been adapted into an anime series. Suffice to say with the release of Super Crooks we’d like to see more of Millar’s incredible comics adapted into an anime series.

Just one last heist is why the jails are filled to the rafters with supervillains, including the Heat. By racking up a serious gambling debt, the Heat has little to no choice but to pull off one final score or face the consequences in blood. However, Heat’s biggest fan Johnny Bolt has a plan, a plan that will make him and all of his buddies filthy rich. The only problem is, they must head to Spain to rob the world’s most notorious supervillain.

True Story (Limited Series) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 7
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller | Runtime: 40 Minutes
Cast: Kevin Hart, Wesley Snipes, William Catlett, Paul Adelstein, Lauren London

Through Netflix, it seems Kevin Hart is determined to show he is more than a comedian as for the second time in 2021 he takes on a dramatic role. We expect to see True Story as one of the most-watched Originals on Netflix this week.

A tour stop in Kid’s hometown of Philadelphia becomes a matter of life and death for one of the world’s most famous comedians.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Part 2) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 10
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure | Runtime: 25 Minutes
Cast: Chris Wood, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Mark Hamill, Tiffany Smith

The climactic end to part one of Masters of the Universe: Revelation shocked the internet and millions of He-Man fans worldwide. The return of the series sees Teela’s story continue as she tries to prevent the end of the universe.

What new TV shows are you going to be watching on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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