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Netflix has added an array of coronavirus specials and docu-series throughout the global pandemic to help educate and inform. Here’s the current list of every Coronavirus special on Netflix as of June 2020. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused major disruption all around the world and Netflix hasn’t been any exception. Netflix’s productions have been severely disrupted for instance. However, they have been able to film and create some timely content for the coronavirus outbreak too.

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Here’s a current list of every title on Netflix related to COVID.

Explained: Season 2 – The Next Pandemic

Released on Netflix: November 2019

Rewind the clock back to November 2019 and the second season of Vox’s Explained series was releasing weekly around the world. The sixth episode of the series takes a look at what would be the next big problem in the world and they turned to that being a pandemic.

With expert testimony, the series almost serves as a painful setup for what was to come.

You can watch the episode on Netflix here.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Released on Netflix: January 22nd, 2020

Releasing on Netflix soon after the virus began to sweep across China, this six-part docu-series looks at Pandemics on the whole and provides advice on how to tackle pandemics and even prevent them altogether.

Coronavirus, Explained

Released on Netflix: April 26th (Ep1) June 16th (Ep 2 & 3)

During the pandemic, Netflix quickly commissioned Vox to produce a dedicated series on the coronavirus and they got to work quickly.

Three episodes have released in total and they are as follows:

  • This Pandemic – looks at the overall picture for COVID-19 looking at the virus’s origins. Narrated by J.K. Simmons.
  • The Race for a Vaccine – takes a look at the efforts to get a vaccine ready for mass-production and the challenges it’ll take to get there. Narrated by Laura Linney.
  • How to Cope – Looks at some of the other consequences of coronavirus and the stay at home rules. Narrated by Idris Elba.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj – Volume 6, Episode 2 “How Coronavirus Broke America”

Released on Netflix: May 31st, 2020.

Patriot Act was a victim to coronavirus given it films in front of a live studio audience ordinarily. The series was inevitably delayed and eventually turned into a WFH affair for the comic. Volume 6 has been excellent at providing informative and funny commentary on some of the big issues bu Coronavirus was front and center in volume 6’s third episode.

He specifically looks into how supply chains have failed to keep up and Trump’s action or inaction has helped or exacerbated the issue.

If you do not have a Netflix subscription, Netflix’s specific YouTube account uploaded the full segment to Youtube the day after it dropped on Netflix.

Lenox Hill – Season 1 Episode 9

Released on Netflix: June 24th, 2020

lenox hill episode 9 covid

Lenox Hill has been one of the most insightful docu-series ever to release on Netflix. It lets you become a fly on the wall in a busy New York hospital. If you haven’t watched the main series, we’d recommend going through that first as it provides good contrast and context for the special.

Following the main release, Netflix announced it would be releasing a one-off special episode to follow the hospital with the added pressure of COVID-19 that ravaged New York earlier in the year.

Social Distance (Season 1)

Released on Netflix: Coming soon (likely 2020)

Social Distance netflix

Moving away from documentaries for a moment we come to a new Coronavirus themed scripted series called Social Distance. It comes from the creator of Orange is the New Black for Netflix and is an anthology series. Beyond the title and the fact we know it’s going to “tells stories about the current moment we are living through”, much is still to be revealed by Netflix and Kohan.

What’s been your favorite Coronavirus related title to hit Netflix thus far? Let us know down below.

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