Five Awesome Titles You’ll Only Find on Netflix in Australia

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Standing at 1,268 titles strong, Netflix in Australia has a lot of catching up to do if it ever wants to compete with the 7,500 strong in the states and 3,000 on the UK. It’s launched with mixed responses and given that many Australians were accessing the American Netflix before it officially launched in Australia we doubt much will change on that front. If you dig deep enough however you’ll find some true gems that are hiding away on Netflix Australia which aren’t widely available on other Netflix regions.

Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)


Even though the timeline has gotten a bit messy with the Marvel movies, each year they continue to pull in big numbers for the big wigs at Marvel and Disney. In 2014 it was time for the Caps’ second return in his own movie with Black Widow joining him. The movie doesn’t pull any punches you wouldn’t expect normally as it tells the story of betrayal from the organisation that you were led to believe were the good guys. If you’ve been keeping up with all the Marvel movies then you probably owe it to yourself to watch Captain Americas latest outing before the new Avengers releases.

The Hurt Locker (2008)


If you’ve recently watched American Sniper in the theaters you’ll know how hard hitting a war movie can be especially if it’s more recent which is exactly where The Hurt Locker comes in. The 2008 movie didn’t have as much press as American Sniper has had but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require your full attention. It follows a bomb disposal team at the height of the Iraq war. It’s intense and at times, utterly terrifying.

The Matrix (1999)


As I typed the date above I couldn’t believe it’s been over 15 years since the original Matrix was released as it has aged beautifully. The story follows Neo who is convinced that everyone is living in a computer program called the Matrix. After investigating he gets the opportunity to realise the truth of The Matrix. If you’ve never experienced The Matrix then you’re in for a treat especially given that the Wochowskis are now working on a project which will be coming to Netflix exclusively later this year.

Vikings (2 Seasons)


Much to the dismay of many American Netflixers Vikings is only currently available on a select few regions and Australia is one of them. Those on the Australian Netflix are able to rattle through two season of the popular TV shows made by History. The show tells the story of Rathnor Lothbrok who’s an all round badass as him and his clan attempt to rise up and become viking king. It’s an unusual type of program, particularly for the History channel but it’s a trip well worth taking.

Gravity (2013)

Film Review Gravity

Sporting some of the most impressive visuals you’ll ever see in a full feature release movie Gravity stands out as one of the triumphs of CGI in movies in recent memory. Set entirely on the outskirts of the planet a team are carrying out a routine mission on the International Space Station before the Russians shoot a missile which causes a devastating debris storm which tears apart the ISS. It’s a thrilling tale which is hard to remember that this was all filmed in a small box in London. The music and visuals stand far apart from the crowd and while the story doesn’t quite live up to the other two elements it’s a must see.


Five Awesome Titles You’ll Only Find on Netflix in Australia

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