List of Jim Carrey Films on Netflix

This week on our new section we’re going to take a look at the widely know and loved actor, Jim Carrey. After first gaining recognition in the early 90s from a comedy sketch show titled In Living Color, it didn’t take Carrey long to break out into leading roles. He went ahead to star in films like Ace Ventura, The Mask and Liar Liar which were all received exceedingly well. But it wasn’t until the late 90’s; when Carrey played more serious roles in both The Truman Show and Man on The Moon that he was really met with critical acclaim, and won 2 Golden Globes for Best Actor.

Despite personal tragedies, he’s been keeping relatively busy recently, even working with Netflix on the new behind-the-scenes documentary ‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’ revisiting Jim’s performance as Andy Kaufman in Man on The Moon.

At the time of writing Jim Carrey as a total of 62 acting and 10 writing credits. But how many of Jim Carrey’s films are available on Netflix? We’ve included a table below that should hopefully clear that up for you.

This list only applies to Netflix: US, UK, Canada and Australia

MovieDate ReleasedRegion Available
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Netflix Original2017US, UK, AU, CA
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective1994US, UK, CA
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1995US, UK, CA
The Truman Show1998US, AU, CA
How the Grinch Stole Christmas2000US, CA
Batman Forever1995US
The Bad Batch – Netflix Original2016US, UK, AU, CA
A Series of Unfortunate Events2004UK
Fun with Dick & Jane2005AU
Liar, Liar1997AU
Horton Hears a Who! (Voice)2008AU
Me, Myself & Irene2000CA
Bruce Almighty2003CA